A Few Rounds with Jessica Zomcik

305_lgJessica Zomcik defeated fellow newcomer Janel Krafft in 26 seconds increasing her record to 1-0. She was elated to say the least but I think she was happier sharing her experience with friends and family. Her parents were attending and excited for her; nervous but still excited. We often hear about families not condoning their daughters as fighters. It was refreshing to see acceptance of Jessica as a fighter.

Coach Dan Swift and Jessica

Fightergirls: Hi Jessica. Thanks for taking the time to talk to Fightergirls.com. Congratulations on your win. That was a great knockout. What was your game plan going in?

Jessica: Probably keep it standing. I found out she didn’t have any Jiu Jitsu experience. Dan Swift wanted me to back up and fight defensively, mostly counter punching.

Fightergirls: She looks powerful and it looked like her first punch connected.

Jessica: I think she got me once in the face. I didn’t really feel it. I get punched in the face seven days a week by grown men.

Fightergirls: Gina Carano said something to the effect that everyone should be hit in the face once a day.

Jessica: I agree with that. (Laughs)

Someone in the room: Or ten times. (Everyone laughs)

Fightergirls: What got you started in Mixed Martial Arts?

Jessica: I met a kid and he got me interested in it. I went to watch some of his classes. Dan talked to me about trying a jits class out and I was hooked.

Fightergirls: What’s your favorite martial art? Obviously striking must be fun.

Jessica: Punching people in the face is a little fun, yeah. I don’t know. It goes from week to week. Sometimes I’m better at Jits; sometimes I’m better at boxing, but I love them both.

Fightergirls: How do you feel about the current state of female MMA?

Jessica: This is my first fight. I have no problem with it. I enjoy the rules. I think they’re fair.

[Note: Jessica and Janel fought an amateur fight. The time limit for amateurs in Ohio is limited to 3 minute rounds for men and women.]

Fightergirls: Do you have a favorite professional fighter?

Jessica: I have a few. I like Wanderlei Silva. He’s got a pretty leather face. Fedor, Fedor is fun to watch.

Fightergirls: There aren’t many women fighting at 160 professionally.

Jessica: I was supposed to fight at 145 a few months ago. I’m fighting at 145 in about 2 weeks so I got some weight to lose. My original plan was to say at 145 but this fight [at 160] was the only weight they could get me.

Fightergirls: What’s next for you? You have another fight coming up?

Jessica: Yes. August 8th. I just found out 5 minutes ago.

Fightergirls: Do you compete in anything other than MMA?

Jessica: I played high school football for 3 years. Then I went into a women’s league for four years. One year of hockey. I like street bikes, but I’ve dropped everything to focus on MMA. I am totally in love with it.

Fightergirls: Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

Jessica: I’d like to thank Dan Swift; Al Zuck, and all of Team DNA they all make me a better person and fighter. They really push me hard. I love it! Push me hard and I am going to get there.

Photos By Lori Syroney

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