Angela Magana – Tough Side of the Tracks

She may have lost to Jessica Pene, but Angela Magana is tougher than she looks.

Life is a battle for a lot of people, including fighter Angela Magana. Raised as a child in east L.A., Magana moved in with her grandparents after her drug addicted parents couldn’t take care of her. Her grandparents gave her support during her adolescence and training helped her stay out of trouble.

“When I was a kid, I was in and out of the gym, and that’s what always kept me straight and getting into too much trouble,” Magana stated  this week. “My coach was always there and I was always able to go back to the gym.”

Magana, who is overcoming a loss to Jessica Pene over the weekend, knows how to comeback from hardship, and hopes to teach that strength to teenage girls. She is in the middle of creating a non-profit organization that will help at risk girls train in mma. She feels she owes it to the community that has given her so much.

“All of my sponsors are local sponsors,” Magana commented. “It is like they are doing ti out of the pure curiosity and kindness and belief in who I am and what I am doing. As a woman in my sport, they just give me money to live my dreams. I think any women who steps into the cage is inspiration.”

Although Magana lost her fight with Pene and lost her position in the top ten, it doesn’t detour her from her goals inside the cage.

“It doesn’t really matter what people think about me good or bad, because I know who I am. I know what I am about, and I know my agenda. I think good things are gonna happen to me. But I am happy with that. I am giving my best, and I am living ym dream everyday. If I am not ranked, so be it.”

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