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Fighter Girl of the Month Page 1
Each month we want to support our girls out there representing women's MMA. We will feature stories, interviews, pictures, videos and more on our fighter!
Caitlin Kelley in the News and Upcoming NAGA
11/15/2012 7:41:47 AM
Posted by Erin Webb

 This weekend, Caitlin Kelley will be headed to Nashville to compete in NAGA and we want to wish her "Good Luck"!  She is 9 years old and a true "Fighter Girl"!  She has a black belt in Tiger Schulmann's MMA and is very determined!  Check out her video on ABC News (below).


2012 Nationally Ranked 1st State of Florida

2012 Nationally Ranked 4th South

2012 Nationally Ranked 47th Nation

2011 Nationally Ranked 1st State of Florida

2011 Nationally Ranked 2nd South

2011 Nationally Ranked 13th Nation

2011 1st place COPA Sport MMA

2011 2nd place COPA Sport MMA


November's Fighter Girl of the Month: Caitlin "Meat Hook" Kelley
11/1/2012 5:09:28 AM
Posted by Erin Webb


August's Fighter Girls of the Month: Ashley Aguirre and Tandra Lopez
8/9/2012 2:37:37 AM
Posted by Erin Webb


Fighter Girls would like to introduce you to two fresh new fighters hailing from Torres Martial Arts and Martinez Inc. in Las Cruces, New Mexico - Ashley Aguirre, and Tandra “Tundra” Lopez.  Both began their training about two years ago and have a few fights under their belts.  Hungry for more, they’re willing to fight anyone in their class.

 26 year-old Ashley has always been active in both team and individual sports, but has found that all her spare time recently is spent training in the gym.  She began with kickboxing and added groundwork a year later.  Within months she got serious about MMA training - fighting her way to a solid amateur record of a combined 5-2-0 plus three 1st place BJJ wins.  Always striving to improve she knows that, “As long as I’m persistent and I try my best, I’m going to continue to improve my skills”.  Motivation is no problem for this up-and-comer who enjoys both stand up and taking it to the ground and finds mastering a new move addictive.  That compulsion to keep coming back for more helps Ashley to maintain her focus and will be an advantage as she pursues her two-year goal of becoming a better established fighter with even more wins on her record.  “Experience is the best teacher, and I’m hoping to learn as much as I can.”

Ashley has made fitness her life.  Minor injuries, so prevalent in the sport, have only strengthened her resolve and help to remind her that she’s been fortunate so far.  Once a soft-spoken young woman, she’s now a confident individual who no one is going to take advantage of, and she attributes that to her training.  She’s earned certification as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor and currently works at three different gyms.  She trains with two coaches, Leonardo Torres and James Martinez at Martinez Inc. and Torres Martial Arts, to ensure she doesn't miss a technique.  Her work day can start before dawn and end after some of us are in bed.  Keeping busy in the world of fitness is Ashley’s passion and she has experienced firsthand how it can transform both body and mind. “I currently do what I do for work because even if I’m not making a lot of money, and it’s only one person at a time, I want to help people change their lives for the better.”  Ashley has had to work extremely hard for all that she is and has accomplished, so perhaps her drive and genuine character will inspire others to be their best, no matter how hard the effort may seem at times.

Tundras are cold harsh environments, and that fits Tandra “Tundra” Lopez to a tee – cool under pressure and harsh on her opponents.   19-year old Lopez also got into MMA training relatively recently, taking on fights shortly thereafter and establishing a sound 5-2-0 amateur record with two first-place wins in Jiu Jitsu.  She enjoys the intense workouts the sport requires and seeing how far she can push her body.

Family is a priority for Tandra, and growing up surrounded by boys shaped who she is.  Well-rounded with no self-proclaimed specialty, Tandra feels, “ I better be good at stand up fighting, as well as ground fighting - that way I am not anyone’s punching bag... and I love to fight!”  That enthusiasm for fighting helps her maintain her skills when family needs come first and she can only get to the gym twice a week.    Loved ones truly do come first for this fighter and she will do anything to help them.   With family problems plaguing her from early on, Tandra sees the gym, where like many fighters she spends 75 percent of her day, as her second  family.  Hunger for more and being around a great gym keeps her coming back.  She loves the discipline, learning and perfecting new moves, and watching her peers fight.

However, all this training may be laying the groundwork for another profession.  Tundra was not into organized sports in school but enjoys outdoor activities such as four-wheeling, fishing, camping, and playing football, or just going out to the mountains and shooting refills.  In her high school years she did go through JROTC with one of her brothers, participating in the group's fitness team, and she ran marathons.  Both of  these activities help lay the foundation for the discipline and personal growth Tandra is cultivating in her MMA training.  In two years, “I honestly see myself still training hard and trying to get further with fighting, but most of all I want to get into law enforcement.”   

Like so many of us right now Tandra doesn't have a steady job but still manages to scrape together enough money to keep her at the gym.  That leaves her more time to train and work with the kids there.  Whether she's helping out family or strangers in need, MMA training will continue to show the tenacious Tandra the strength to push forward and think positive. 

Check back with FighterGirls.com for more on these dynamic and different fighter girls… hopefully they won’t forget us when they break out!  Bring it!

Fighter Girls Interview with Nicdali
7/11/2012 2:34:37 AM
Posted by Erin Webb


"I want to be the best 105lb fighter in the world and top ten 115lb fighter.

I want to Fight in England, Spain, and Mexico before I retire.

I want to earn my black belt in BJJ."

These are the goals of this month's "Fighter Girl of the Month: Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc".  She will be fighting this month on Invicta FC 2 and took some time out of her training to share with Fighter Girls about her training, her experience fighting on Invicta and more!



"I train at Ultimate Performance Complex Tulsa (@UPCtulsa) at our facility they train Athletes to perform better at their sport. They train professional,collegiate,high school and kids Athletes that do Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey etc. We also Have Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai and of course MMA. My coaches consist of Travis Calanoc who is a former Strikeforce Fighter and Marine Corp Sargent. he has a black belt in MCMAP(Marine Corp Martial Arts program) and was also a MCMAP instructor. He also has black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Ninjutsu. Travis also founded his own art Calanoc's Mixed Martial Arts Concepts.  Travis also helps my strength, conditioning, speed and agility coach Jeff Pace who has a CSCS and is a Master Trainer under Combine 360. Travis is NASM accredited and certified under combine 360.

My BJJ coaches are Jay and Brandon Chandler both are brown belts under The Farm BJJ and Werdum combat team. They are brothers. My Muay Thai coaches are Sean Dawson and Paul Vo.  Mr. Dawson went undefeated in Muay Thai 11-0 and 2-0 Pro Muay Thai.  Paul Vo is 2-0 in Muay Thai and both study under Saekson Janjira.  My wrestling coach is Justin Porter who was an OSU state champion wrestler

and also Miesha Tate has helped me with my wrestling any chance I get to have her down to help me train in OK.  My is Team UnderDawgs fight team, the team consists of guys that fight from 115 to 155lbs. I like the fact that most of the guys on our team are smaller because smaller guys are as technical as women but they are more explosive and stronger. They are all like brothers to me, I care about them all very much."



"Before my last Invicta fight I said I finally found my self confidence as a fighter and I meant it. My last fight for Invicta was the first time I trained like a professional fighter. I have always trained hard but not like my last fight camp and this one. I KNOW in MY HEART and MIND that I'm ready because I put in the work every single day and everything I do is to push myself harder and harder past my limits. It was also the first time I showed my Mixed Martial Arts skills I can wrestle, punch, kick, clinch and Jiujitsu. There isn't a place from stand up to ground were I feel uncomfortable. I have a ton of fights and experience I know I can grind or fight out of anything or put my opponent in places they don't want to be and that's what I meant was that is how I FINALLY feel comfortable ANYWHERE."



"I Loved fighting for Invicta now and the first time because I feel like after all these fights and years its finally MY TIME and MY OPPORTUNITY to show everyone that this little Mexican girl from a ranch in Mexico can FIGHT and is a MIXED MARTIAL ARTIST. INVICTA is a truly professional organization they are here for the good for WMMA because they don't play

favorites and give everyone an equal opportunity. I Love how INVICTA does everything in their power to promote their card to the best of their ability and they give all the fighters goodie bags lol!" 



"I think before INVICTA the future of women's MMA was uncertain because people just weren't interested I just think before INVICTA it just wasn't being promoted enough and now thanks to them. They are bringing a lot of light and attention that it needed. I Love how each weight class just keeps getting deeper and deeper. In ten years if it keeps growing the way it has

been I bet it could be on the same level as the men."



"I LOVE comic books!! I hope to one day have my own comic book and I love to read books. Ranging in subject from History, Science, Philosophy, Sci-Fi and everything in between. I also love doing Make-up, I

do hair professionally but I do Make-up as a hobby. I love watching extreme sports like skate boarding, Surfing, Break Dancing and Urban Free Running. I would love to do Urban Free Running but my coaches wont allow it until after my fight career... If I'm not in fight camp I love to wear Dresses in my free time and I love to play video games even though I suck at them. I love to travel and one of my favorite trips was when I went to Puerto Rico with my husband and best friends, Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway."


Thanks Nicdali! To check out some pics and a video of one of Nicdali's fight, www.fightergirls.com/pictures.asp.
July's Fighter Girl of the Month: Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc
7/5/2012 10:38:14 AM
Posted by Erin Webb

 This month's featured "Fighter Girl of the Month" is Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc from Tulsa, OK.  Her next upcoming fight will be in Invicta 2 versus Angelica Chavez at atomweight (105 lbs.) www.fightergirls.com/event.asp All month we will be featuring interviews, pics, videos and more on Nicdali!

Name: Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc
Overall record: 9-6
Professional MMA record: 7-6
Gym: UPC Tulsa
Team: UnderDawgs
Began training in boxing in 2003
Began training MMA in 2004
Coaches: Main MMA Coach- Travis Calanoc Black belt in MCMAP, Black Belt in Tae-Kwon do, Black belt
in Budo Tai-jitsu, Former Strikeforce MMA fighter
BJJ Coaches- Jay Chandler and Brandon Chandler both brown belts under The
Farm BJJ
Strength and conditiong Coaches- Jeff Pace CSCS, C360 Master Trainer and
Travis NASM C360 trainer
Wrestling Coaches- Justin Porter OSU champion wrestler and Strikeforce
former Champion Miesha Tate

New Fight Scheduled, New Interview
6/29/2012 2:58:16 AM
Posted by Erin Webb

Molly Dupertuis spoke to TN Tribune reporter A.J. Dugger about her cancelled fight with Hannah Fitzpatrick, and her thoughts on getting in the ring with Sarah Cook


Interview with Molly about her upcoming fight
6/11/2012 6:13:03 AM
Posted by Erin Webb

Check out Molly's most recent interview about her upcoming fight with Hannah Fitzpatrick!



Radio Interview with Molly Dupertuis
6/7/2012 6:59:04 AM
Posted by Erin Webb

Want to learn more about our "Fighter Girl of the Month", click the link below for a radio interview with a local sports show in Clarksville, TN.  Her interview starts at the 1:18:30 mark.



June's Fighter Girl of the Month: Molly Dupertuis
6/3/2012 2:18:41 PM
Posted by Erin Webb

Fighter Girls is happy to kick off our "Fighter Girl of the Month" with the very talented Molly Dupertuis for the month of June!  Molly's next fight is June 23rd versus Hannah Fitzpatrick at 135# on the Absolute Action MMA Card in Belfry, KY.


All month Fighter Girls will be featuring interviews, videos, pics, and more in support of our "Fighter Girl of the Month". 


You can follow her on Facebook- Molly Dupertuis and Twitter-@MollyWop23.
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