Body combat shorts for women no unisex

Women's krav maga shorts

Hi Ladies, When it comes to body combat class finding the right short is not hard at all! Fighter girls has been producing high quality sportswear since 2003 with over 400 products in our on line store just for women and women only! We want our female customers to look great and fell great with a short made for women by women! I feel unisex shorts are really a guys short but some companies want to sell to the women so someone made the term unisex. I really can’t say that I have found a unisex body yet but I will keep looking and when and if I find it Fighter girls will produce unisex LOL! I would really like you to come by the largest store just for women and see what all the hype is about when it comes to a real women’s short. These shorts are made with the best material we could purchase and produced here in the USA for quality that will last for years! I dare you just to try these shorts and promise they will become your favorite fitting shorts.

image image Female WOD shorts image image image Women fight shorts image image image image women's body combat shorts

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