Boxing gloves for women finding the right pair

women's boxing gloves

Shopping for boxing gloves for women should be simple right? There are so many companies selling boxing gloves for men and marketing the women as an extra sale. Here are some of the questions you might want to ask before buying a pair of boxing gloves.

Female Boxing Glove Synthetic vs Leather

#1 what is the difference between synthetic and real leather? Synthetic is man made and is plastic these gloves normally are cheaper to purchase and do not hold up to bag work or real punching if you have a limited budget and are just doing light bag work without sparring this may be the glove to purchase. The cons are don’t last long! They do get smelly! Not good for sparring!  The leather gloves on the market today are the way to go! Yes they are more money but will last you a lot longer and will not limit your uses for what ever it maybe like heavy bag use and sparring these gloves will last for years!

Female Boxing Glove Weights and how to Choose

#2 Weight of gloves currently Fighter girls carries 8, 10, 12, 14 ounce boxing glove weights. Each one has a particular use and should be considered what kind of training you are planning on using them for. I like to use the 12 and 14 ounce for the heavy bag because I do hit hard and want that protection but this is a personal preference and just know heavier gloves mean more weight on your muscles so if you are just starting out maybe check the 10 and 12 ounce to start.

Find The Perfect Fit Boxing Glove For Female Hands

#3 finding a glove that fits your hands is so important! Most injuries in boxing are to the hands and trust me don’t take your hands for granted we use them all day! Try to shop gloves that are made for just women they do make them smaller this way you don’t have to use extra wrap and your hands don’t move around in the gloves!

Shop For Boxing Gloves Women And Girls

Boxing is a great form of exercise and fun also! From the pro fighter to the new beginner the gloves are the most important thing to think about when making your step into that next class so if I can help you out with questions I did not cover please leave a reply and we can help everyone that loves boxing!

boxing gloves for women

boxing gloves for women

purple boxing gloves for women

pink boxing gloves for women

boxing gloves for women

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Ladies you don’t have to settle for boxing gloves made for men! Fighter girls have a huge selection of boxing gloves made for the female hand! Shop the perfect boxing glove for female fighters and the smaller hands at Fighter girls because we only cater to women and girls so shopping will be fun and easy.

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