C3 Winter Games Grappling Tournament

Winter Games Grappling Unfortunately the snow storm may have hindered the usually well-attended C3 Grappling Tournament here in East Chicago. The women’s division was really sparse at this event but it was a very well-organized event.

With only three women competing (not including kids/teens), there was only two girls competing in the GI division and three girls competing in No-GI. Winning both GI and No-GI, Casey Blaso dominated the tournament.

Beginning with the GI division, Blaso defeated Kaitlin Carlucci, from Team Monteiro in Indianapolis by points. She quickly jumped guard working for a Triangle and Shoulder locks, always controlling her upper back. Blaso attempted an open guard sweep but was defended by Carlucci. Eventually Blaso succeeded in a sweep to take mount but Carlucci rolled back in to Blaso’s guard to end the round.

Blaso then went on to win the No-Gi division in a second match with Carlucci. Blaso made a couple attempts at an arm-drag and placing the foot on her hip for a flying armbar attempt. Blaso then got a takedown with double underhooks. Blaso ended the match in triangle mount and submitted Carlucci via armbar.

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