Female sportswear made in USA

Female leggings

So many companies are making sportswear for women and girls and this big boom is causing companies to find the cheapest way to manufacture the female sportswear! Everyone wants the best and lowest price for your apparel so shopping the Internet is a huge thing now a day for the lowest price leggings, shorts tops, and workout wear! Most companies like Nike and reebok the leaders in female sportswear have turned to making larger profits by moving their manufacturing from China and Thailand because these countries started to ask for better working conditions and more money! Nike and Reebok decided to say no to their requests and move their manufacturing operation to a really poor and struggling country called Vietnam! Paying the workers around .78 cents per hour and taking advantage of the people so that these big companies can make a larger profit from their clothing brand! Everyone wants to make money right? Most people want to payless for their clothing or goods but there is a price to pay for this meaning our USA jobs will be outsourced and more unemployment! How is a USA worker or company competing with the work force in Vietnam? You can’t and these companies know it and take advantage of this in several ways. Making shoes and clothing for less than $5.00 and bringing it to the USA and selling it for $100.00 or more is huge profits!

Female Sportswear Made In USA

I am sure you or maybe you know someone who has lost his or her job and is on unemployment only hoping to find a job before that runs out! We have outsourced so many things here in the USA that finding a good paying job is getting harder to find! If you look at the history of the USA a once strong industrial country our economy has fallen apart from going overseas with our manufacturing and causing unemployment and cities to go broke like Detroit! Is this a time for us as the people of the USA to start shopping for products made in USA or will we become one of the countries like Vietnam working for pennies because there will be no jobs and all the other countries have our money and raw materials? This is just something to think about before all of our jobs will be outsourced to a country that will do your job cheaper!

Fighter girls brand USA made Sportswear

Fighter girls sportswear brand for female will keep manufacturing in the USA making our brand the highest quality and best sportswear for women and girls who desire a great fit and quality clothing!

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