Fight For Those Who Can’t Fight

506_lgFight Night MMA, LLC has teamed up with “Not For Sale” Champaign  to bring a night of fighting for charity to help bring awareness to human trafficking.

On Saturday June, 5th in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum will host up to 15,000 fight fans for a night of fights and entertainment to remember.

Fight Night MMA, LLC has teamed up with “Not For Sale” Champaignto bring a night of fighting for charity to help bring awareness to human trafficking. “Not For Sale” is the third largest Organization in the country fighting against the horrors of Human Trafficking and Slavery.

Along with a packed fight card, the event will also have Tieko drummers, a sweet pyrotechnics show and an endless list of top athlete and stars.

There will be VIP tables ringside with sponsors printed on top of table and each seat (10 seats/table) gets a sponsor filled Hollywood Swag bag.

The Swag bags will be filled with products from Ultimate Nutrition, ED HARDY Cologne and Perfumes, LUSH Body Products, Met-RX and autographed fighter shirts and fight gear.

The after party benefit will honor the fighters and guests with two top local chefs cooking a feast, DeBrands Chocolates, and an alcohol bar. There the guest will get more information regarding Human Trafficking and what they can do to help out.

The event will have flash media pics of Human Trafficking along with survivors speaking and US Marshall views of dealing with this horror on a daily basis.

Fight Night MMA LLC has been talking with some of the top MMA Fight Magazines and the elite fighters in the MMA world to attend this event. They want to get as much press about Human Trafficking out and educate the communities. If you are a MMA Fighter, both guys and girls come out enjoy the show and the after party benefit.

Lets get the MMA FIGHT Community to bring the spotlight to women and children who can’t fight for themselves.

Fight Night MMA LLC is a company who deals with recording artist and celebrities as well. Mr. Sean Puffy Combs is very interested in our cause and wants to meet the MMA fighters who are coming. Funny he’s a celebrity, but is interested in meeting MMA Celebrities So get out to event and get him there to meet our MMA Community.

Kristie Bowersock says, “We are excited and are looking forward to putting a charity in the front of every event we do. Too many promotions in this country as we all know, are all about themselves let alone supporting the fighters or a cause. We’ve all been to those events. Please step up for the fight.”

Get out here and sign some autographs, enjoy your fans, watch good fights, and enjoy an evening of entertainment with friends and sponsors. We’re trying to make charity functions entertaining. Thank you for your interest and help. MMA Fighters are a breed of their own…..AWESOME Warriors of Humanity.

*****Also, Sam Wilson of Trinity Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is assisting in collecting autograph fighter apparel for the event, so if any of you female fighters out there could autograph a t-shirt or photo and send it in, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please mail to:

Kristie Bowersock/Sam Wilson

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