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Fighter girls started out in May 2001 as the worlds first female martial arts MMA website long before twitter and face book for the female fighter and fans to have a home to talk about only female martial arts and bring the female sport to the next level. Back in 2001 there was not many female fighters and trust me these females and fans had to fight a hard battle to even get women to fight on the male dominated sport and getting even on a male fight card was difficult.


The history of Fightergirls cannot be matched it is the worlds first website for female martial arts. The history of women’s MMA martial arts is free to those that want to read and see what it took to for the women to fight in martial arts and some of the fight cards that allowed women to be on them. You will see and read about the history of women’s MMA from may 2001 to present as the Fightergirls website has kept all the interviews, news, pictures, and forum alive for all the people that want to know about women’s MMA history about fighting.

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