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Fight like a girl shirtsFighter Girls is a women’s MMA clothing brand that focuses on clothing made by women for women. Our mission is to provide feminine, well-fitting, resilient clothing for women in fighting sports. Frustrated with the lack of training gear suited for the female frame, Fighter Girls founder Debi Purcell decided to combine her love of fashion and fighting. We produce a wide array of merchandise including board shorts, shirts, jackets, shorts, gloves, and children’s clothing. With the majority of our products made in America, they are tailored to benefit a range of sporting activities from Muay Thai and boxing to grappling and surfing.

Our collection of clothing items contain:


 Short and Long Board Shorts

Women’s long and short board shorts can be used for grappling, crossing training, wakeboarding, or surfing. These comfortable shorts are tailor made for a woman’s body by Fight Girls. They come in multiple sizes, colors, designs, and styles. All the shorts are water proof, made of stretch microfiber, and include incased draw cords with clear tips.

Hoodies and Track Jackets

Fighter Girls has all kinds of jackets and sweatshirts for women in MMA or
for women who just want to support the Fighter Girls brand. We carry zip up hoodies, Sherpa hoodies, track jackets, and pull over sweatshirts that come in multiple styles and sizes. They are perfect for going to and from the gym or just showing that you’re a fighter while hanging out.

Shorts Fighter Girls

also carries and variety of different shorts for any sport or activity. The shorts range from Muay Thai and Kickboxing, to Vale Tudo and MMA, to yoga. Our Muay Thai shorts feature the colors and flags of different countries like America, Japan, Germany, and Canada that are comfortable, and made of satin. Our other training shorts come in a variety of rare colors like purple, turquoise, and camouflage. All of the shorts are made for high mobility and moisture control so they are perfect for any kind of high impact activity.

Rash Guards

Rash guards for women come in multiple colors and styles. We carry long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless. These women’s rash guards can be used for boxing, grappling, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jui Jitzue, sufing and swimming. They are made in the USA with UV protection, stretchable spandex fabric, and water repellent materials that can be paired with Fighter Girls shorts.


The Fighter Girls store contains lots of great, unique, and fun shirts. Our variety of shirts include long sleeve, tank tops, short sleeve, V-Neck, Crew Neck, surf shirts, and MMA short that each have a special design. We carry a range of sizes from extra small to extra large. These shirts are made in the USA, include long and short lengths, have a relaxed fit, long lasting colors, and are made for a slim fit. These shirts are amazing for training, working out at the gym, fighting, or surfing. The shirts are soft, comfortable, and made specifically for women.

Sports Tops and Bottoms

The store has great sports top and bottoms that are doubled lined, and work for yoga, women’s mixed martial arts, or any kind of working out. They consisted of lycra spandex material and supportable elastic bands. The tops and bottoms come in multiple colors and styles like pink, grey, turquoise, purple, and zebra print. They can be mixed and matched together or worn individually. The good fit made for women makes sure that they maintain great support for training.

Children’s Clothing

Fighter Girls is very excited about our new children’s clothing. We now have a range of products for aspiring fighting girls. The line carries little girl’s fighting gear, sports gear, shorts, shirts, rash guards, hoodies, and mouth guards all made for the kids. Little girls that are into MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, or boxing are guaranteed to find something they love. In the kids items you will find a variety of colors, designs, and styles.

Plus many other products including:

Hand Wraps

Fighter Girls also sales unique hand wraps for women. They come in one of a kind colors like neon green, red, black, brown, blue, turquoise, pink, camouflage, purple and more. They are custom made for women and come in the lengths of 120” and 180”. The store carries Fighter Girls brand plus Everlast and RevGear that are great for boxing, martial arts, and kickboxing.

Boxing and MMA Gloves

The store produces a large selection of boxing gloves for women to choose from. We have big brand names like Cleto Reyes and Everlast. Fighter Girls carries hard to find colors including purple, black, white, pink, and turquoise boxing gloves that come in 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz.

Head Gear and Mouth Gear

The head and mouth gear is made for women and includes the brands Tapout, Brain Pad, Cleto Reyes, and Everlast. We carry a wide selection of colors like pink, yellow, red, and blue that can coordinate with our colored gloves. The head gear is made of leather and incorporates cheek protection, chin straps, and latex foam padding. The mouth guards and carrying cases are made for juniors and adults.

Shin Guards Ankle support

Fighter Girls women shin guards and ankle wraps can be used for mix martial arts, running, volleyball, or soccer. We have small and medium sizes that come in a variety of rare colors like pink, purple, and green. They are machine washable and made out of flexible elastic materials.


We also carry a variety of accessories that can be used on multiple occasions for showing your love for the Fighter Girls brand. Our accessories include gym bags, book bags, duffel and canvas bags, hats, socks, and water bottles. We also have sweat bands that come in black, green, purple, hot pink, baby blue, burgundy, and grey. Anyone of these high quality and great accessories are a great way to support Fight Girls.

The over 400 items in the Fighter Girls store are designed to meet womanly needs within a community that has been consistently male dominated. The clothing and accessories will emphasize your lively and stylish elements
while also being comfortable and dependable during training and fighting. The Fighter Girls brand aims to highlight feminine strength, and provide for the tough warrior within you without diminishing the qualities that make you proud to be a strong female.

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Why do women and girls shop at the Fighter girls store? It is really easy because we cater to the females and our store is the biggest and best sportswear and gear for both women and girls from the swim line to martial arts Fighter girls carries the biggest and best selection. Fighter girls knows what women and girls want cute and great fitting apparel and gear that will take a beating and hold up to the toughest abuse. Shop the store that makes you look and feel great no matter what spot you women love because we make some really awesome products and that is what Fighter girls store is all about the females. Made by women for women here in the USA

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