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Pleas note that you will have to complete the whole form and upload a picture to be approved to be on the Fighter girls pro and amateur fighter list! This is a free service for females that want to promotion and sponsorship! Please take your time and go through each question filling out bio, name fighting style

Fighter girls fighter registration is a free service for all the women that do martial arts, MMA, grappling, boxing, and all the fun stuff! Feel free to post pictures, blogs, video's and more! Fighter girls is currently working on hosting your own personal website within the Fighter girls website kind of like a website in a website for women and girls who want to have a website but do not want to pay any fee's! Fighter girls will help maintain your site and get you the rankings and seo that needed all for free! You will still be able to use your twitter, facebook and all your current social media and it can all link to your fighter girls website! What do you have to lose? Nothing in our book and this will cost you nothing but a little time setting it up and adding pictures, bio, and video! Can a fighter ever have to much social media? Fighter girls beleives you cannot because you never know who might be looking for you for that next fight or sponsorship! Many women and girls use twitter and Facebook as their social media page but are you reaching the potential people that want to read what you are posting or your pictures and video's? Most will agree no because you are limited to the amount of views of all your friends and groups by these companies! Facebook is now a public traded stock and the stock holders and company want to see profits so by limiting your posts to a small number of people for free is their tactic until you see a little box next to your post that says boost your post and yes that costs money! Most Fighters don't have that extra money to pay for the boosted post so your post that you think goes out to 1000's will only appear to a few hundred. Take full advantage of websites that offer you free social media get your name out on the internet as much as possible! This will only increase your chances of a great fight and sponsorship! Fight like a girl in Fighter girls clothing Fight girl Girl Fight

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