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Pro Fighter Search Found: 63 Page 1 | 2
First Name Last Name Nick Name Hometown Style Weight
Vanessa  Greco      BOX  
Gina  Greenwald    St. Louis  BOX  
Jaclyn  Greenwell      125 
Del  Greer  "The Storm" Hartford  KB, MMA 145 
Julia  Griffin      MMA  
Constance  Griffiths    Ottumwa  MMA  
Corina  Grimm      MMA  
Andrea  Grishman      MMA  
Stefanie  Guimaraes      BJJ, MMA, THAI 145 
Alicia  Gumm      MMA 115 
Shannon  Gunville  "Wild Child" Bismarck  BOX  
Zoila  Gurgel  "Warrior Princess" Madera  MMA, THAI 115 
Michele  Gutierrez  "Diablita" Las Vegas  BOX, MMA 115 
Page 1 | 2
KB = American Kickboxing, BOX = Boxing, BJJ = Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, GR = Grappling, MMA = Mixed Martial Arts, THAI = Muay Thai, SW = Submission Wrestling, WR = Wrestling, O = Other
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