Fighter girls® is the worlds first and original women's MMA website and store founded in 2001 for the female fighter and women's MMA. back in the early 2000's social network companies did not exist so sites like twitter, Facebook and many others were not around and the women were not welcomed on most sites back then! It was a man's sport so when a female posted on the big sites about women's MMA there was many bad comments to the thread (a term used for making a comment on a forum) so most women could just read in fear of the negative reply. Fighter girls website and store was built for females and the fan's that love WMMA without being heckled! We still have the perfect home for those that love women's MMA and want to post and share information with each other. I know times have changed a lot and not there is more respect for the female fighters posting. So if you like the Fighter girls website and still want to leave news and posts you are more than welcome here!

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