2 Women’s Ammy Fights at Tuff N Uff

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    Post subject: 2 Women’s Ammy Fights at Tuff N Uff April 12th Las Vegas Post Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:11 pm

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    Tuff N Uff has 2 women’s fights on their amateur card this weekend at the Tropicana in Las Vegas!

    Amber Molinari vs. Jessica Halverson

    Lacey Schuckman vs. Katie Tompkins

    Check their website for more info on these fighters.

    You can also get more info about the event on the Fightergirls Events Page. (Katie also has a profile on fightergirls.)

    Tuff-n-Uff is always looking for women to fight on their cards.

    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 9:59 am

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    These fights were awesome!

    $25 a ticket for great seats (they didn’t charge at all for our youngest two kids) and more fights than I think I’ve ever seen in one sitting, in my life (no kidding-my tail bone is actually sore).

    It was a very family friendly environment -probably because of the price. (Steve Mazzagatti was next to us with his two kids) My kids had a blast as back seat corner men.

    My nine year old daughter went nuts when she saw Lacey Schuckman stick one arm in and one arm out-She was leaning forward yelling, “Triangle! Triangle!”

    Well,it’s a Sunday morning and I’m a bit lazy so I’m just going to copy a clip from my husband’s blog on the women’s fights;
    In the womens’ bouts, Lacey Schuckman defeated a game Katie Tompkins, but not until after Tompkins very nearly secured a triangle choke (actually, several triangle chokes). If Katie had just a little better jiu jitsu, and knew how to keep that triangle and how to tighten it down, she would have won for sure. Lacey kept picking her up and slamming her down, loosening the triangle choke, and then got out, over and over. Someone needs to teach Katie how to hook an arm under a leg to stop the slam while she has a triangle locked in, and how to pull the head down to finish, and also how to use a triangle to sweep. Alas, if only Katie could train at a good jiu jitsu school for six months, then she’d have something.

    She also missed a golden opportunity to sweep Lacey when Lacey stood straight up in her guard for long periods of time, with her feet right there, close to Katie, ready to be grabbed. All she would have had to do was grab those feet and push with her knees and over Lacey would have gone. Kaitie also landed in half guard at one point, but did not know how to base out and keep top position and was easily rolled off and reversed. She just needs basic grappling. If she had it, she could have won. Very frustrating to watch as my wife and I, and our kids, were rooting for the less experienced Kaitie (and because she is a Johnny Cash fan like us, judging from her Myspace page music).

    The second female fight was very one-sided with a clearly more experienced, better conditioned, and better trained Jessica Halverson easily dominating Amber Molinari on the feet. Amber was game, came out swinging for the fences, and never gave up, but she lacked stand up technique and was out-boxed and overpowered and finally dropped from some hard punches. Amber has potential, but she needs some solid, no nonsense boxing training and also would of course benefit from some basic takedowns and basic grappling so she has an option of going for the ground. That one was a bit of a mis-match.


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