A message from IFL’s Shad Lierly-please help out if you can

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    Post subject: A message from IFL’s Shad Lierly-please help out if you can Post Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 5:51 am

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    As many of you know recently I’ve been training to fight Wagney Fabiano in the Grand Prix to be held in Chicago, Illinois November 3rd. I assumed I was fighting Wagney because that’s what the IFL had told me. Alas yesterday the official announcement for the Grand Prix participants were released and guess who was moved to alternate. You guessed it. Me.
    We all know that this is bullshit. Politics. The IFL clearly stated that the participants in the GP would be determined by the top four fighters in each weight class with the best individual records in the regular season. If a tie breaker were necessary then it would come down to the fighters with the least amount of fight time. Here are the results for the lightweight division.

    1) Chris Horodecki (3-0)
    2) Wagney Fabiano (3-0)
    3) John Gunderson (2-1) 10:03
    4) Shad Lierley (2-1) 12:44

    5) Bart Palaszewski (2-1) 12:48
    6) Savant Young (2-1) 16:21
    7) Ryan Shultz (2-1) 24:00

    According to the announcement yesterday they replaced me with Bart Palaszewski. This is a slap in the face! Where did the new criteria come from? I sure as hell wasn’t informed. It clearly isn’t based on popular demand because the IFL already tried that. In a national poll of which IFL rematch would you most like to see over 60% of voters declared they would like to see a rematch between Chris and I. The Bart/Chris fight tallied up a meager 20%. So that’s definitely not the new criterian.

    I thought the IFL prided itself in being a league for the fighters. What happened to the fairness and legitimacy the IFL has been boasting about? I would expect this from the UFC but not the IFL.

    I already put my work in…in the ring. Now I have to fight for the spot I already earned?

    Please help me out and express your disapproval by calling (212) 356-4000; or e-mailing the ifl at info@ifl.tv
    Leave comments on their myspace page and blog announcement of GP participants.

    Thanks for all the support!


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