Abu Dhabi Tourney Nearly Cancelled

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    Post subject: Abu Dhabi Tourney Nearly Cancelled PostPosted: Fri May 27, 2005 6:49 pm

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    Abu Dhabi Tourney Nearly Cancelled Yesterday;
    CSAC Lifts “Cease and Desist” Letter off Venue
    By Loretta Hunt

    Set to become the largest spectator-attended grappling event in North American history this weekend, the Abu Dhabi Combat Club 2005 6th Submission Wrestling World Championships narrowly became the tournament that never was.

    FCF has confirmed that a “cease and desist” letter was issued by the California State Athletic Commission to the event’s venue, the Pyramid at the Long Beach State Campus in Long Beach, California, late yesterday that sent ADCC officials scrambling.

    “I received a note that there was a full-contact tournament going on and our notice is to usually make sure those don’t happen,” said CSAC Acting Executive Officer Dean Lohuis today from his Los Angeles office. Lohuis says he had received notification of the event from his northern California office. “As you know, there are mixed martial arts events taking place in California that, at this time, are illegal. We have been taking a very aggressive stance with them.”

    “Full Contact Martial Arts and Kickboxing” regulations were approved by the Commission in late February, and are currently in review with Office of Administrative Law, as well as the Department of Consumer Affairs. Till their final approval, mixed martial arts events remain unsanctioned in the State.

    However, the Abu Dhabi Tournaments are grappling-based, and exclude the use of striking, both standing and on the ground. “We were told it was a submission-only tournament and by how we interpret our rules, the rule book is interpretant that we do not have jurisdiction,” Lohuis clarified. Lohuis says the CSAC-issued letter will be withdrawn today.

    “Basically, we were informed around 5PM Thursday afternoon,” says ADCC head promoter Miguel Iturrate, “but we were prepared. This had also happened back in Brazil [in 2003] when local officials had tried to shut it down there.”

    A veteran of these world-recognized events for years, Iturrate described the eleventh hour roadblock as a “small hurdle,” turning his attention to the 101 world-caliber athletes representing more than a dozen nations that have converged on the area to participate this Saturday and Sunday in various weight divisions. “What’s worse is that there was no power at the hotel [yesterday] for six hours while this was going on,” he added.

    ADCC Co-Promoter and Grappler’s Quest founder Brian Cimins credits the last-minute confusion to a recent changing of the guard within the California sanctioning body, stressing that the Commission was originally contacted when the venue was secured months ago. “The old Commission had no problem with it, but basically there were people surrounding the new Commissioner trying to get their foot in the door. Thank God, he [the new Commissioner] had actually been on the Florida Commission. He had worked very closely with the AFC [a Florida-based MMA promotion] and as soon as he got wind of it, he really got his grasp around it.”

    Lohuis says numerous individuals stepped forward yesterday to help clarify the nature of the event in comparison to mixed martial arts. They included Nelson Hamilton, a member of the now-disbanded California Martial Arts Advisory Committee and prominent California MMA promoter and King of the Cage founder Terry smile.

    “We want to work with whatever proper Commissions are involved in this sport and we are happy to make the California Commission comfortable with our event,” says Iturrate. “So, it was just a matter of working through the communication of things.”

    At this time, Iturrate estimates approximately 3,000 tickets have been sold for each of the two days of the tournament. The Pyramid holds approximately 4,000 seats.


    Mark Grassman
    Post subject: PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 6:35 pm
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    Those monkeys waited until the 11th hour to pull this stunt! Typical ❗ 😡


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    yeah I just read about that! omg That’s why nobody could find Miguel for a good 4 hour chunk Friday, heh


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    It was the anonymous tip that waited until the 11th hour, knowing the chances were maximized to shut the show down.



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