ADCC Kyra/Leka gallery!!!!!!!!!

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    Post subject: ADCC Kyra/Leka gallery!!!!!!!!! PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 10:11 pm

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    Oh, boy…this one was a great fight but a bear to post. Keep in mind first eight minutes were no points, second eight were points. Points started when Leka had the triangle threat. Once Kyra got out of it the score was 0-0. When they stood Kyra got 4 points for taking the back and getting hooks in while standing. Leka dislodged the legs but didn’t get Kyra off her back so when Kyra again got the hooks in she got 4 more points and the win. I’m amazed at Kyra.



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    excellent shots, as usual!


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    Wow, really great pictures Keith! I almost feel like I was there 😀 Damn, that Kira came out of no where. I knew she was a beast on the mat with the gi (she beat Leticia at the worlds) but who knew she was a no-gi girl too!

    I’m a fan of Leka’s and I’m sure she will come back even stronger next year. I’d like to see these girls battle it out in the gi too!


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    Renzo is probably the best no-gi coach and trainer in the Gracie family and that alone says alot. If there was any doubt, both Kira and Rodger Gracie (this years ADCC light heavy wt. and men’s absolute winner) came up from Brazil and spent the last few months getting ready for Abu Dhabi at Renzo’s in New York City.


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    Renzo must be a great teacher and she’s a champ. Has Kyra ever done a no-gi tourney?


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    I don’t know what her no-gi experience was prior to winning Abu Dhabi, but I’d suspect that as a Mundial ( gi) champion while still a teenager, most of her competitive experience was probably in gi.


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