Alphabet soup – thoughts on ISWA and FILA

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    Post subject: Alphabet soup – thoughts on ISWA and FILA Post Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 1:27 am

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    Below is a link to the ISWA website.

    I hadn’t heard of it but it seems to have some respectable menbers in it. More importantly it is recognised by FILA the international wrestling organisation. Most people in “legitimate ” sport would see FILA as the world wrestling authority mainly because it controls entry to the Olympics. FILA has started a deliberate campaign to spread beyond just Freestyle and Greco Roman into Beach wrestling and now grappling. The FILA link is


    Why all this alphabet soup? – well you can criticize FILA for being a bunch of old men in blazers BUT they have acheived one thing , they drove womens freestyle into the Olympics. If grappling were ever to become an Olympic sport ( which is not a stupid ambition) then FILA are the gatekeepers who can open the door. Also they are commtitted to always having female representation wherever possible ( this has even put greco Roman under threat in the Olympics).

    So simple question – do people here see the “establishment ” (FILA) trying to get in on grappling as GOOD because it would help grappling towards the Olympics inclluding women or BAD as they are old farts who would just spoil everything.

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