Any of you ladies need a personal website made?

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    Post subject: Any of you ladies need a personal website made? PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 7:04 am

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    I’ve been tinkering with the idea of putting together a pretty good female fighter database just as I’m sure many others have. To start out small though, I wouldn’t mind making a couple sites for those of you that don’t have one yet or wish to upgrade from a ‘from scratch’ one such as hosted on a free geocities starter site or something. I know many don’t know how to make sites but really need one for getting fights. If you wanna take up the offer, the site will be in html code, will be hosted on my domain space so it will be a It is completely free so realize that it won’t be done super fast, just as I find time. I don’t do it for a living so don’t expect high grade php coding except for the messageboard if you would like one.

    I’m limiting it to just two people at the moment so I don’t get swamped too fast and end up taking way too long making everyone’s. So for a site with a blog section so you can update everyone with news easy, a messageboard, and other pages that you would like to have, free basic design if you don’t have one already, free email account, and free hosting, just post here so it’s known you are one of the first two I’m taking right now. Also toss me an email and we’ll get to working the details on what you’re wanting.


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    hey, ive been thinking of starting one. Not just for me or to get fights but also to post pics of the events we go to. I luckily try to atend most of the mma events in the midwest so it would be cool to post pics. If this ounds like something we might be able to do, im more willing to pay you for one. Ill send you an email!
    adrienna..aj 😀


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    Sure! We can make it happen. Anyone else interested?


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