Boutreview report on Tsuji/Montoya

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    This is old but worth looking into for those who want to read more about Erica’s last fight.


    May 19 2004

    Finally, it was officially announced – the women’s MMA event SMACK GIRL is coming back to Korakuen Hall.

    SMACK GIRL was started back in December of 2000 as a one-night tournament event called ReMix and since May of 2001, at a nightclub in Shibuya called Club ATOM, began periodically holding events and raised a new star named Ikuma Hoshino. But soon after Hoshino left to fight in an event called ‘AX,’ another women’s MMA organization founded by people who split-up from SMACK GIRL. SMACK GIRL was forced to be in ‘sleep mode’ for a while.

    However, on February of 2002, SMACK GIRL started up again at the event hall called Differ Ariake. They kept this ‘once a month at Differ Ariake’ style and at the end of the same year successfully held lightweight and middleweight tournaments.

    Since 2003, SMACK GIRL switched their battlefield to a gigantic nightclub in Roppongi called Vel Farre and also started a women’s amateur MMA event, and in a recent event held at Ohmori Gold Gym, more than 30 female amateur fighters competed. SMACK GIRL is now firmly in place as the long established women’s MMA organization in Japan.

    SMACK GIRL came up with original rules such as 30 seconds limits on the ground to pursue the participation of kick boxers. Even though it is low budget, SMACK GIRL made video clips to introduce the fighters, spent money on lighting effects for the entrance, and also emphasized the medical and safety aspect, and I believe these were the reasons why SMACK GIRL is at where it is.

    Finally, after three years and eight months since the beginning, SMACK GIRL is making its return to the sacred place of martial arts in Japan, Korakuen Hall.

    June 19th, 2004

    Yuka Tsuji vs. Erica Montoya for the main event!

    Erica Montoya is a student of Chris Brennan’s who fights in PRIDE Bushido, and has already fought three times in Japan and won each time with submission holds.

    The rules are complete MMA; with no time limits on the ground and strikes to the head on the ground are allowed. Both Tsuji and Montoya have experienced these rules before but at last year’s DEEP, Tsuji really couldn’t do much against Anna Michelle Dantes and lost in triangle armbar. Just like Dantes, Erica Montoya’s base is Jiu-jitsu, so the key is going to be how Tsuji will avoid Montoya’s positioning and submission techniques and bring the matter to the standing bout.

    Also, World Sambo champion Megumi Fujii is fighting in her first MMA fight.
    Ever since her Sambo-only era, Fujii is very popular among male fans, sort of like a singing idol, so I’m sure the general public will be very interested in the outcome of this fight. The opponent is still undecided at this point.

    OgmaOnline Presents: SMACK GIRL 2004
    August 5th, 2004
    at Korakuen Hall

    Yuka Tsuji vs. Erica Montoya
    52 kg & Under – 5 min. 3 rounds.

    Right off the bat, Montoya got on Tsuji’s back and got her in trouble with rare naked choke and armbar. All Tsuji could do was to defend against the fierce attack by Montoya.

    From the second round on however, Montoya ran out of gas. Even Tsuji, after the fight, said, ‘I could hear Erica breathing very hard and then I realized I had more stamina left, so from that point on, I was very calm.’ After defending Montoya’s triangle choke attempt from the bottom, Tsuji started pounding to begin her offense.

    In the third round, Tsuji, once again, suffered with Montoya’s triangle choke and armbar attacks but after she escaped, Tsuji followed it with a vicious pounding, then quickly getting the side mount. After a few hammer shots to Montoya’s face, Tsuji quickly finished it with an armbar at 4 minutes 5 seconds of the last round.

    The whole event exceeded more than four hours, but at the end, it finished off with a dramatic reversal win. Without a doubt, this was one of the best bouts in the history of Women’s MMA; everyone in Korakuen Hall went bananas.

    By the way, Megumi Fujii made her MMA debut also by finishing Yumi Matsumoto of PUREBREED Kyoto, with rare naked choke in just 40 seconds into the first round.”

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