Boxing Commission must REALLY hate MMA

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    Post subject: Boxing Commission must REALLY hate MMA Post Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 6:28 pm
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    I don’t know if this has as much to do with me as it does with someone not liking female fighters – especially MMA female fighters. I made it very known about the outcome of my boxing match, and that I was fighting two weeks later. This little, little man has gone sooooo out of his way to get me suspended from ever fighting again…I am laughing. I know, for a fact, that boxing commissions do not want MMA to take over, but it is. I feel that they make it much harder on MMA fighters than boxers – and I know this because I do both and I see how they handle things. Boxing people may not like that I do both – but I do. I love MMA more and am better @ MMA, I know, but still enjoyed doing both. It just makes you realize how many lonley, lonley ppl there are out there, and someone who goes this out of their way to ruin a fighter;s career is definite proof.


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    o testafiy!!!!!!!!!!

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    The head of the CSAC, Armando Garcia, is a clown. When Frank Shamrock was going to fight Cesar Gracie everyone told him Gracie had no MMA record and it was a mismatch that should not happen but he ‘verified’ Gracie’s false record of 16-0 in MMA. Then after Gracie lost in seconds he was suspended indefinitely, I think for faking the record.

    So then the CSAC takes it out by harassing the IFC, who know more about MMA than the CSAC, when they hold a show there to make sure there are no mismatches. Yet they then allow Jeff Monson with over 25 MMA fights to fight Pe De Pano with 0. They have no standards and plenty of politics.

    Erin T
    Post subject: PostPosted: Sat Sep 30, 2006 6:45 am
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    Satanico – EXACTLY. Armando Garcia is STILL head of CSAC. I don’t wanna comment too much of what I hear of him, because I am still in jeopardy of getting my license suspended…INDEFINITELY. But they do seem to get mad because of the difference’s in MMA and that they don’t know all of what they need to know.

    I do understand if they were really in fear for my safety, but I don’t think that’s the facts. Pedro Fernandez on even questioned Garcia, and due to it being on Indian Land, “his hands were tied”. The problem is when boxing wants to shut MMA down, things like this give them a perfect chance.

    My team would NEVER have let me fought two weeks later if I had a serious injury. I would not have even fought! The story itself, what can I do? But I won’t let someone slander me and my fighting ability because I do two sports. It makes no sense. This is a pretty big thing right now, and a lot of ppl are in trouble. Hopefully, we’ll find out more soon

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    What is that smell? oh it’s just the CSAC stinking it up again! I unfortunately didn’t get to see the rematch between Erin and Laura ( maybe they will show it on AROTO) but from the stills of the fight it looks like Erin was in control and confident, landing some good jabs. It’s too bad the ruling was not overturned because most people will only see the TKO on record and never know the details. I hope there will be a rubber match because Erin deserves the chance to set the record straight and the boxing fans need to see it. Hang in there Erin and I wish you the best in your fight against the stench of boxing politics.

    Post subject: PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2006 2:21 am
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    The boxing world feels threatened by MMA, as MMA appeals to a lot more people and is growing fast, they don’t want to be edged out, it sucks that they take the approach of sabotage instead of evolving, and realise that there is room for both sports.

    Hope it gets sorted out.

    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 4:51 pm

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    Yep it sure seems like the boxing commission is running scared given the fact that mma is closing in. It’s such a far cry from the time the most famous person in the world was a boxer and now does anyone know who the heavyweight champion(s) is. I wonder who’s oversight over the boxing group in Calif and what the governor has to say. His Arnold gala in Ohio had such a martial arts focus without any boxing, I believe. It’s possible that falling boxing gates will result in purses comparable to or even less than mma prize returns.

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