broken bones

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    Post subject: broken bones Post Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 3:05 am

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    does anyone know how long to refrain from training after breaking something (obviously the 6weeks in pot!!, but how long after that…) ❓
    Especially with the ‘nature’ of the sport… (resisting/applying armbars,kimuras etc ) n just the sparring in general… 😕

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    depends on the break…..

    the last thing you want is to go back (use it normally) too early (before it is ok) cause you can really do some damage.

    compound fractures (where it comes out of your skin) really kill and are a complete bitch (speaking from experience). and set you back for a while (when you talk about plates/screws, bone grafts etc).

    this is something you should definitely be talking through with your doctor…make sure they know for sure what your training comprises (some of them have no clue and think we play ballerinas or something).

    get a rehab program or something, and physio would be good to do.

    don’t rush it….(let me tell you the past 3 plus years of my life have been absolute hell).

    good luck. vitamins, calcium, good nutrition (no smoking, that really slows down healing and its bad for you too).

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    It also depends how much you can protect it while rolling and if you have good partners who won’t grab it and you remember to tap quickly if they accidentally forget.

    We had a guy get his arm broken in 2 places in an MMA fight and he was back on the mat in a few weeks but he just didn’t use that arm at first. You have to be willing to take a little bit more of a beating than usual and you have to have good partners who will look out for you. Your doctor should be able to help you make a good decision.

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