Cali Womens MMA 05/13

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    Chad Moechnig

    Post subject: Cali Womens MMA 05/13 PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2006 5:30 pm
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    Total Combat went off well, with the exception of the Cali state athletic commission being complete assclowns and making me stuff a towel in my sports bra for “Breast Protection,” among other ignorant things.

    I lost my fight by a split decision. Personally I think it was at least a draw, if it was Hook N Shoot I would have won because of catches…but that is what happens when you leave it up to the judges and especially boxing judges. No excuses!

    However, I don’t want to take anything away from my opponent, she was super strong and came to throw down. I think I gave up the first round, the second could have gone either way, it was me towards the end but she got some good work in too so I don’t know, and the third was all me. My hat’s off to her, I got hit 3497520975093720923 times on the ground while I was working my game so my face looks nice and pretty today. I have also been told I’m not allowed to fight over 120lbs anymore. I gave up a lot of weight (I ate and ate until i got up to 130) but it’s cool, I wanted the fight to happen so I don’t have anything to complain about. I had a BLAST even though my face looks rough…everyone loves a good brawl.

    The important part was that the crowd was totally revved up and really supportive of womens MMA, and we showed everything…boxing, kicks, elbows, knees, takedowns, submissions, and GnP. It was MMA without a doubt and was awarded, not just because we were women, but we truly did EARN the Fight of the Night award. It was a war. (Thanks to Sherdog and Fokai for the bag of gear awarded for Fight of the Night…way cooler than a trophy!)
    I was told everyone from the crowd that was asked said they were there to see “So-and-so and the GIRLS!” When I was walking to the platform and they announced it was time for the women, the crowd went INSANE…it really made me proud to hear how stoked they were to see us fight. They were so loud that Charlie was scared I wouldn’t be able to hear him in the corner!

    Special Thanks goes out to Charlie Kohler and the San Diego Fight Club (especially my Joe!) for cornering me and giving me AWESOME training the last week. My cardio was awesome, I’ve never had so much juice in a fight and I really felt like they were behind me all the way. I love fighting out of this gym! Josh Williams also showed awesome ability and potential in his FIRST EVER mma bout that night, he won by brutal ownage in 35 seconds of the first round. SDFC did great last night! Sorry I didn’t bring home the W but I’m happy with how I did. I could care less about my record, and more about the fact that I got a lot of support from everyone in attendance and I think I helped give the women’s MMA community the credibility they deserve and have been working so hard to get. Joe, Charlie, and myself had a lot of people coming up and asking when I was fighting again, and that’s the best reward I can ask for, I’ve never gotten that before. I heard Debi has a meeting with the Athletic Commission, hopefully that helps seal the deal and get the girls more fights out here.

    I also want to thank my sponsors, Nunya Fightwear and Bukshun Clothing, and the Fokai Boys for all their love and support…a big Hafa Adai goes out to them and I can’t wait to see the shirts! (plus I saw the infamous Mayhem Grill up close and personal! Jason is SUCH a nice guy, pleasure meeting him and I hope I get to see that picture.)

    Congrats also goes out to Hermes Franca for his complete DOMINATION of Toby Imada in the main event of the night, it was great seeing him again and I’m glad this is a great year for his career.

    Here’s what Sherdog had to say:
    In what was the first regulated women’s mixed martial arts bout in the state of California, Crystal Harris defeated Kellyn Huehn (Pictures) by majority decision in what was easily the best fight of the night. Both fighters gave it their all, slugging it out for the entire nine minutes. scored the bout 29-28 for Huehn.

    read the entire article here:


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2006 6:55 pm
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    Way to go girl…

    I wish I could have been there but I was in northern cali cornering my team mate Alex in another cali sanctioned match. They have decided to put on women as well.

    Things here are rolling fantastically.I am really proud of ya 😉 congrats


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2006 8:26 pm
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    thanks a lot, i wish it would have been 5 minute rounds and maybe i could have worked my ground better, but for once im not regretting this loss because im real happy with how i did and im glad the crowd saw some technique. its really different having to fight someone who is a powerlifter and aggressive and i think thats why i gave up the first round, because once i adjusted to it and figured out a plan i was straight, but at that point i was already bleeding so the boxing judges were apalled im sure. so im not sweating it, i felt bad like i let my team down at first but charlie made me feel better.
    i was thinking you and molly and the girls would be there, i was going to point you guys out and make them spotlight you during the postfight interview but since you had other stuff going on thats cool, there will be pictures up in the next few days and fokai is using footage from it for theit international highlight reel so look out for that. i wanted to represent you guys in the best light i could.

    p.s. i think joe took it way worse than me. i told him he would have to deal with me getting cuts and black eyes and he said he could, and hes a pro kickboxer/boxer, but when it actually HAPPENED i think he about had a nervous breakdown. he is still recovering today. haha….


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2006 8:41 pm
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    Good job kellyn; its great you got in there. Hows cali like?


    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 6:04 am

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    Sounds like you had an awesome fight and congratulations are still in order!


    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 7:22 am

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    A towel? LOL
    Oh, my… Well, at least it sounds like a good fight, in spite of such silliness! Congrats on compleating the fight! 😀


    Mark Grassman
    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 11:56 am
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    Walk with pride, girl. You and your opponent made history that night!

    Those boxing judgeshave got to go ❗


    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 12:25 pm

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    Hey Kellyn,
    I saw your fight at TC in San Diego. Congrats on a supurb match (the crowed thought you won) and being named the fight of the night. Just from a male’s standpoint, it seems that a chest protector is needed for women fighters, but no? And I’m guessing that a woman needs a chest protector as much as a male needs one?


    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 1:44 pm
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    thanks so much to everybody for the love and support!

    i dont need a chest protector, it seems like more of a hinderance to me, and besides that theres really nothing there to protect (i told the commission this, they werent amused). in all honesty it was humiliating trucking my man to the bathroom to tape a towel around my chest and pull my sportsbra over it, and it really made the spandex slide on the cotton….i thought i was going to fall out in the ring. plus, the tape hindered my ribs from expanding well, although i didnt notice once i started fighting. i guess the upside is that it was like stuffing my bra, i think i gained about a cup size.
    ive decided ill order one of those ringside competition bras and just pack it with me to fights in case theyre anal and want to make me wear some protection. if anyone can suggest a better brand i am certainly open to that.

    someone made a pretty cool post on sherdog’s forum, and there are little bits and pieces floating around on the underground and whatnot, nothing really detailed so far. here’s the sherdog post:

    Women mma sanctioned in Cal. Future?


    I did search the forum for posts on the subject of mma, but it needs to be updated in light of California’s first women’s sanctioned mma fight at Total Combat Del Mar, California. In fact, The Kellyn Huehn and Crystal Harris fight was named “SHerdog’s Fight of the Night.” I was there and the women fought each other like any other professional mma fighter. Lots of punches and ground work. Does it matter if a fighter is male or female as long as they put up a good and entertaining fight? It seems on this forum those against women fighters argue that it’s not entertaining or that the women aren’t good looking enough.

    san diego dude, im living here in cali since about three weeks ago, even though they announced me as being from dayton, ohio. stop by san diego fight club if you ever want/need a place to train, theyre a great bunch of guys. thanks for the support and the link and im glad you enjoyed the fight.


    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 2:23 pm
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    found another one! heres what full contact fighter had to say:

    Whether the audience realized it or not, they witnessed a highly-competitive female bout by industry standards between Kellyn Huehn and Crystal Harris, the first-ever California state-sanctioned female bout. Cornered by the San Diego Fight Club, Heuhn’s crisper one-twos catapulted her ahead in a gripping opening exchange before the Fight Lab’s Harris scored a soft takedown. From her back, Huehn demonstrated excellent grappling skills, maneuvering to North-South position where she latched on an armbar Harris eventually averted.

    In the second round, Harris reversed an initial takedown and connected some sizable punches on a swelling Huehn that were only amplified by the close-ups of her squinched face on the jumbo screens. Scrambling to their feet, Huehn startled Harris with a big punch, but the tough-as-nails mother of three took it as another invitation to go toe-to-toe.

    Their surprisingly technical trading continued into round three, and when Harris took the majority decision even though it should have gone to Huehn for her overall control on the mats in rounds one and three, the crowd was too satisfied to even notice.
    crystal really did an awesome job and i hope to see her fight more in the future, i told her she can come down from norcal and train anytime…


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