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    Post subject: From My Journal PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 7:40 am
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    Hey Guys —

    Kinda long….excerpt from my Journal on My site.

    My Thoughts
    Let me start by saying what an awesome experience this was. You cannot get any “higher” in boxing than this. I learned sooo much from this fight and what lead up to it. The one thing I knew when I left that ring was that I will be back to fight again. I lost the battle but not the war. Hell, no fighter wants to lose on international TV – let alone stopped by TKO. Does it suck? Yeah, it really sucks. But you have to move on. I don’t plan to sit here and let this stop me from reaching the top in boxing – It will happen and I will not quit. Setbacks DO happen, but all that matters is how you comeback from them.

    A few days after the fight, I have a black eye. And what looked to be a very bad broken nose during the fight turned out to be a small fracture on the side of the bridge. (Sorry Laila LOL) Unfortunately, it just happened to be in a place where it was bleeding…A LOT! In fact, I think my nose is straighter than before LOL There was a lot of swelling for a couple days. But four days after the fight – it is gone. My body feels the same as before. No bumps or bruises. The nose will take a little bit of time to heal and then I will be back ready to fight again.

    I believed in myself and so did those who worked with me for this fight. You cannot step back into time and change anything. You just move on. I have always taken on the “challenge”. I love to fight and sometimes you fight when you can. In boxing, I have taken on competition that was near or equal to my time in the ring. I knew Ms. Ali had the experience and I did not care. I still do not care and I would fight her again. I could have waited and fought more, but I did not. This was something I really wanted to do and I did it. Unfortunately it did not work out the way I wanted LOL but it is just a minor setback. More ring time – that’s all. I will get my chance to fight for a title again.

    I do not have some new found respect for Laila. I did not respect her before and I still do not. I did not like her before and I still do not. She debases the sport and that is why so many do not like her. Hearing her speak is like hearing nails scratch a chalkboard. She loves to hear herself cackle – that is very evident. At the press conference, I sat two seats away from Mike Tyson on his right side. When Ali came up to talk and talk and talk about herself, Mike Tyson finally covered his ears with BOTH hands and put his head down. If Mike Tyson is sick of hearing you speak, I think that says something LOL

    So, I have gotten hundreds of emails leading up to this fight and after this fight. 99.9% of these emails are extremely positive. The ones that are not are funny if anything. Me and my friends were reading some of them literally laughing our butts off. Everyone is entitled to their opinion – it’s just funny the time that some people take outta their lives to actually sit down at a computer and write how much they “hate” you. How much you “suck” at boxing. How “bad” they think you did. How much they “never want to see you fight again”. How much they “think you should stick to MMA”. Too bad for them things like that only make me stronger. I am hardly concerned what all the backseat drivers have to say. It’s always the ones who have never and will never fight that have the most to say. But that is life. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.


    Erin T
    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 7:41 am
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    One of the greatest male fighters of all times, Kosta Tyszu, lost to Ricky Hatton the week before my fight. He was beaten in almost every round and then did not come out for the 11th round. Now he is a “quitter” and a “has been” and he “sucks” and he looked “old”. What I do know about sports is that you are only as good as your last outing. People will say what they want. And believe me, they WILL say what they want LOL People will say good things about me and they will say horrible things about me. But I am the one getting in there – not them.

    One thing I found extremely funny was how Laila went on and on and ON mostly about herself, but also about how when I lose to her it will “break my heart”. The only thing that “breaks my heart” is that I don’t have the chance to break both of her arms. It did not “break” anything in me losing to her. I knew going into that fight that everything was stacked against me. A lot of people said I need more fights. But just as many people thought I did not. What matters is what I thought and I was ready and willing to fight. I went to HER venue on a card promoted by HER people. I knew that this would be a real challenge. There were 16,000 people in that arena chanting for Ali and Tyson. They surely could not be chanting for the Irish McBride and Irish Erin Toughill. Those are the chances you choose to take. You get in there and do what most people can only dream of doing. Someone has to win and someone has to lose. Hey, and that was me!

    I have come into boxing wanting to better myself as a fighter and wanting to fight the best, I can say that. I will continue to fight and fight until I reach my goal. I went into this fight willing to take a shortcut to the top. We wanted to reach it this year – not next year or the year after. Would it have been nice to have that “shortcut” work? Definitely. But now, we will go back to the beginning and take that longer route. We will climb that ladder again and again till we reach the top.

    Tyson’s camp (along w/ many others) said “it’s there”. This “goal” is something you can do. His words were, “You are still a baby in the sport. Laila is in her prime. The only thing she has is the ring time”. Besides the regular fan emailing me – we have had our fair share of boxers and promoters and managers give their 2 cents as well. The overall consensus is IT IS THE EXPERIENCE. You can sit and spar a million time in your gym – but when you get on that ring that is what counts. There were things I was happy with and of course there were things I was not. Sure, I did not move my head how I knew I could or move my feet like I know I can. If I could not do that stuff in training in the first place, I sure as hell would not get on TV not being able to do it LOL Now I go back and keep doing what I was doing – fighting and training and striving to better myself. I make no excuses. What I do know is I have the potential to move on and become better. That is what matters.

    For all those people out there that are really happy I lost and don’t want to see me fight again – that’s just too bad, Baby. I used to put more stock into what people said. I used to read what all these anonymous people hiding on their computers would write about me. I have not done that for quite some time. In the past 6-8 months, I have gone on a handful of sites a limited amount of times. If I was not doing it then, I sure as hell would not being doing it after this fight!! I know people are saying some cruel things and some are VERY happy that I am “eating crow”. Well, that’s good for you now, isn’t it? I have never had any problems putting myself out there. I am not going to change who or what I am because I lost this fight. I am still gonna have my website, I am still gonna talk trash, and I am still gonna be here for the next fight.

    But for as many people who don’t like me – there’s many, many more who do. Fans are what make it all worthwhile. No one likes negative comments made about them – but that’s life. You are in the public eye. People love you or hate you. But it’s how you deal with it that can determine certain things.

    Laila apparently wanted to make me “tap out” or something to that extent. Riiiiiiight. I know Ali would never fight me in MY sport because she would never be able to fight again and that’s a cold hard fact. Only a moron could spout that, so I guess it’s no surprise to me coming from her. It would take me about 10 seconds to completely dismantle Ms. Ali in an MMA fight. We ALL know she would never come into my sport. We ALL know she would never be able to fight again. We ALL know it would be embarrassing for her be choked out and thrown on her big ass. Please, I implore you to start training in MMA. Start w/ Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, throw in kickboxing and wrestling. I’ll even give you a year to train. Tell me how easy it is and then tell me what it’s like to really “tap out”.

    Yes, you beat me in boxing. But for her to sit there and talk sh*t on my sport; a true warriors sport; a sport that is just as important as boxing and even harder…well, that shows what a truly classless thug you are. I don’t care that I lost. I care that she has no respect for another sport. A sport that many of us love and follow. A sport in which every “pure” boxer that I have met thinks that MMA people are “truly insane” and that it’s a “really tough sport” LOL (and I have met quite a few boxers) Boxers have an immense amount of respect for this sport. Apparently Ali is the only one who does not.

    Well, you will get what’s coming to you. The time for honoring yourself will come to an end. It’s truly said when someone’s arrogance and ignorance completely blinds them. Throughout history all empires have fallen because of emotions like this. And her empire will also crumble. Unlike her, I am truly concerned w/ helping women’s boxing and MMA in general evolve. I wanted to bring more recognition to our sport and I think I did. I am truly ecstatic we have such an ambassador in women’s boxing. Because of how she speaks and carries herself it’s a wonder why we don’t see her being endorsed more. *That’s a subtle hint for her.*

    So, all in all it was a blast. I recuperate a bit and then go back to training. Thanks for all the people who have been supporting me and been on my side. I am not quitting and sure as hell would not be quitting because I lost to such a “class act”. I will be back and better than ever!!

    Erin Toughill


    Erin T
    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 7:53 am
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    And LMFAO with someone posting “Hope she has thick skin” and “if you put pics up there”….I could really care less. This is the only forum I even go on nowadays and that is not so often. I imagine if I let it run my life and I posted all the time – maybe that would matter. But it does not.

    I did what NO ONE would ever step up to do. So SpideGirl? “Runnin’ my MOUFH LOL” means something to you? I will keep running my mouth and I will keep fighting and I will reach the level I want to, no doubt. And thanks for the pictures, I still look good and I will sign one if you want 😉

    Remember guys – I am trying to bring recognition to our sport. I have never, ever said I was the “best boxer”. I said I wanted to beat the “best”. Hey man, not too bad getting a world title shot w/ a 6-1-1 record and only having a couple years of SERIOUS training under my belt. i am happy!!


    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:35 am
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    Glad you got to do something you’ve always wanted to do, even if you lost- I know that feeling. (D’August)


    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 12:45 pm

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    Some fighters have very carefully crafted careers beating reputations that can’t back it up any longer or prospects before they are fully prepared. Glad that you dove head first into the deep end.
    I didn’t think you used a strategy that fully exploited your advantages such as clinching and close quarters fighting but with more rounds you will improve in all ways. People who don’t respect a huge underdog going after the champion of their sport I don’t understand or care to.

    Good luck in the future and I hope to see you in more big fights.


    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 1:47 pm
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    ali is caca…..

    it is true you would kill her in our octagon….

    so ali caca…can have the boxing ring…..

    erin will have our octagon……

    f ali….big mouth…….
    i wrote a song for ali big mouth……its called…(mind trip) listen at


    Erin T
    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 6:28 pm
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    One more thing….I am not sure what site someone posted my excerpt on – but someone did and my friend was telling me how some of the trolls were interpreting it…..LOL

    God, people are stupid. I think they were saying something about me challenging her to an MMA fight because I lost in boxing. Stupidity+anonymous wannabe fight trolls=lost in translation. Since most people obviously do not read – the “challenge” is because she does not think that MMA is a real sport. She does not think it is a hard sport or a REAL sport. Hence me telling her to go and train and then fight and see how easy of a sport this is; then she can tell me about “tapping out”

    And again for the record – I HAVE ZERO RESPECT FOR ALI.
    Did you read it clearer that time? Hope the troll posts this one too 😉


    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2005 6:52 pm
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    It makes since about what you said about kosta, some of the greatest fighters meet thier macth in life. Whats seems so sad is that (if you enjoy boxing) Ive wacthed his fights for most of my adult life, Seeing him lose like that didnt make me think “well, thats the end of him,” As the same with trinidad (wright).I mean, these seem to be the guys we all wacth, going “man, i wish I could do that!”lol, ya know? I always seem to think, “well, its a loss and thats a champion, i wonder whats he gonna come up with next”, 🙂 iam excited to see that.
    So, whats next for you erin?


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2005 3:38 pm

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    All of the greats have lost at one point in their lives, be it on a professional level or other. Part of what made them great was to not allow a setback like a loss deter them. They got back up on their horse and tried again. Erin obviously is treating this as a minor set back and not letting it bother her. That is the attitude of a winner and I am convinced that she will reach her goals and then some. Godspeed Erin, I’m pulling for you!


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2005 11:38 pm

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    LMAO@’feeding off the negative chumps and still talking smack’ — Hilarious and expected responses, Erin…

    Boxing and MMA are very different sports. This was like the “Michael Jordan of Women’s MMA” making a transition into baseball against a seasoned vet. We all knew going in you were at a huge disadvantage in terms of experience. And again, at this stage you are not nearly where you can/will be as far as “boxing speed” and conditioning. When Laila fought Lenhart in her 8th fight she wasn’t anywhere near where she is today and you would have *destroyed* her at that point. I think the smartest thing her camp did was make this fight early because they knew once you fully made the transition Laila would be in serious trouble.

    And if she truly felt MMA fighters were “nothing” then she would have no trouble backing it up by stepping up to the plate. She claims there are no other women in boxing to fight (other than Wolf) and her people could easily make a big money attraction out of it with her name and the novelty of the switch. Unfortunately, I doubt Laila would ever have the guts to enter your game against a “complete” fighter…but avenging a loss like this could make it that much sweeter. Hopefully she won’t quit before you get the chance. *wink*



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