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    Post subject: feedback from EuropePostPosted: Wed Apr 07, 2004 8:30 am

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    Just got back from Stockholm and am making an initial report to y’all.

    Every fighter and press person I spoke to described the EU MMA scene as basically M-1 (Russia), 2Hot2Handle and It’s Showtime (Netherlands), EVT (Scandanavia), and the various UK shows. Shooto also runs in EU as do smaller shows like Le Reise del Conti (Italy) and Finn Fight or Viking Fight (Scandanavia) but no fighter mentioned them as being shows in which they are interested.

    Of all these it looks the the Netherlands and to a certain extent UK are the only viable options. Rosie I’m sure can describe the UK options better than me but I am mainly excited by Nethelands (and not just for the party scene). Last I heard from Apy’s mouth (of 2Hot2Handle/Golden Glory) was in Moscow in October where he mentioned not just Marloes but supposedly a couple other women ready to debut. It’s Showtime which also runs around Amsterdam has a show coming up with suppsedly Irma Verhoeff.

    Word from Scandanavia in general is it’s not they are against women fighting, it’s just there aren’t currently any local women ready to compete and they aren’t interested in bringing in *two* outside women to fight. They are currently going with one local or at least regional fighter per fight for ticket sales and so far haven’t done *any* fight with two outsiders (although I think theyshould consider it). Bottom line is not right now…they are more interested in the battle with legality and aren’t taking any chances.

    Russia is out unless you want to be a ring girl. They have cool ring girls wielding scimitars and uzis but I don’t think anybody here is interested. Hey, at least they portray their ring gilrs as powerful and dangerous as opposed to the bathing suit bimbots and silicon Barbie clones we get in the US.

    Pro MMA is illegal in France and Germany. Switzerland just held Shooto but again nobody mentioned wanting to fight in Shooto. Former champion Joakim Hansen just fought in Shooto in Scandanavia but again refer to paragraph on that region.

    Any other questions? Looks like I’m heading over to Copenhagen in May and maybe Amsterdam at the same time where I hope to find out more about Netherlands. Stockholm again in September and Moscow in October. Currently I don’t plan on hitting UK…FCF have somebody there and I am getting a bad reputation for not getting along with those promoters.


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    I hope we see Ilonka Elmont debut in MMA soon.

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