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    I had actually posted a while ago (a long while and can’t find the original post) about chest protection and wanted to say thanks to everyone who responded. Just wanted to share what has worked for me and please respond to this post with great gear that has worked for you.

    After trying a number of things I’ve actually found that wrapping my chest with an ace bandage and putting my sports bra on top not only provides fantastic support, but with the added shirt and gi gives enough “cushion” so that my chest isn’t killing me during bjj training.

    Other things that have worked for me:

    Since I have really small hands, its difficult to find gloves that fit (without wrapping my hands repeatedly). Bee’s gloves aren’t too bad, but combat sports just came out with a combo grappling/training glove that I have found is snug and proportional to my small hand.

    Fighter girls also has the best shin guards ever… they are the mma grappling shin guards. A bit difficult to get on and off because of the neoprene backing, but they are the most comfortable things ever. They don’t move at all during training. I had to get the large on account my calves are so large, but they still fit the length of my leg and aren’t too long and allow free range of motion. Just fantastic really.

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    For sure! The combat shin pads are the best in my opinion as well. They don’t move while doing regular stand up, and you can easily spar with takedowns and not have to readjust them! Wiggling in and out of them is a bit of a pain though 🙁

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