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    Post subject: Good site for weight lifting info PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 1:39 pm

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    Hello guys!
    Ok, so if you’ve found this forum, chances are good that you’ve been in gyms, and have soaked up enough knowledge on proper form, exercise routines, etc, that this website may simply be rather redundant for you.
    HOWEVER, in deference to those who may be new to the whole thing, I thought I would share this website. I thought that it had good, sound, advice, delivered in an amusing, yet easy to understand way. I also thought that the section on how the different shape of a woman’s body may call for different form to be rather informative.
    I highly reccomend clicking on “starting” for basic info, and “women’s stuff” for info on lifting during pregnancy, postpartum, and how to make adjustments in form for a woman’s body.
    I hope you all find it as educational as I did!


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