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    Post subject: HOOKNSHOOTPostPosted: Tue May 18, 2004 6:17 am

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    First off let me say this site is wonderful for the sport of womens mma.I am a coach who has worked with many talented women and i see this sport getting larger and gaining a lot of respect for women fighters.i have been around the fight game for acouple of minutes(i remember working a deal with art davie).I must tell you guys that jeff o is very committed to this cause.i have workrd with jeff since about ufc9. and of all the promoters i have met he really cares for the sport.He was getting burned out on the fight game until the first womens show.i saw a real excitent in his eyes.He has talked of nothing but another show. now i know his finances and i will tell you he is fair and not out to screw anyone.yes he may have to have a couple of local fighters(male) on card,but that will help sell tickets to the locals and help finance airfare and fight purses for the ladies.he and i have been in contact and i will help with some sponsors and marketing.this will help on the costs on his personal finances.yes i have seen him put 5000$ on his visa to help a fight, and yes his wife does want to kill him.I think you ladies should see jeff is relly trying to give new and established fighters a venue to show skills and get some publicity.I think jeff is an friend to your cause not am enamy. thank you guys for your time,and keep fighting hard!! chris benavides Ps i have a large photo archive of a lot of you ladies fighting esp. hooknshoot contact me for copies(del i have some great pics of you and my girl frankie)

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    Jeff Osborne is cool.

    Hey Team B, sure I wanna see some pix.


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    hey, Chris remember me? Crazy blonde chick in the other fight (hi Del!!!)

    my email address is jekedzie@exchange.indiana.edu…if you have any pics, I’d love to see them!!!!


    Post subject: PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2004 12:07 am

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    To me the bottom line is Jeff has done more for the women’s divisions than anybody else with the possible exception of ex-HOOKnSHOOT matchmaker Miguel. Paul Smith may have booked the first women’s bout and Monte Cox deserves extra credit for making Jenifer Howe the fighter she is but does anybody think we would be where we are without ‘Revolution’? Hell, that was when *I* started paying serious attention to y’all. Before that to me it was basically all about Erin and Jennifer. I have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy concerning paydays and if I open my mouth I’ll get shit upon shit for “you aren’t a fighter” blahblahblah so say what you will about money, I have other things to do. To me Jeff deserves praise for giving y’all what amounts to the only chance to fight on a commercial release. And no, I’m not in Jeff’s pocket (fuck you to those who spread speculation I am)…the guy still owes me $100 for that DVD cover and used one of my shots on his website without even telling me. While I’m in such a pissy mood how about ‘fuck you’ to those who think I have some fetish for Debi and Erica. Where was I? Oh yeah, Jeff is allright in my book (literally).


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