How did you start MMA training?

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    Chad Moechnig

    Post subject: How did you start training? PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2007 10:17 am

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    I have a question for yall…

    How did you get started in your training?

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    I started training at 5 and I am 32 now. My dad put me in a school because he wanted his little girl to be able to defend herself against boys. I was not really into it at first, I was nore into barbie dolls than board breaking or katas. It wasn’t until I was almost six that my Master took me to a Nationals tournament and I won first place in every event I competed in. My dad was so proud he made sure I got to every tournament after that. Needless to say after about ten years of training and competing I got very tired. I wanted to go to the mall with my friends instead of smelling sweat and working out. My dad made me stick to it anyways, so I did to keep his approval. By the time I was out on my own I opened my own school and some of my students told me about this new thing going on called cage fighting and there was a show that week. Well I was hesitant but I agreed to go anyways. In the middle of the show the fight promoter asked if anyone wanted to compete and if they did walk into the cage and sign up. One of my students mothers was taunting me saying women dont do that and I didnt have the balls to go up and sign up. After her teasing me for a few minutes I got fired up and walked into that cage and signed my name on the orange paper. I got a call from the promoter a couple of days later he got me a fight and I was to step into the cage a few weeks later. Needless to say I did it once and liked it and now I am a pro fighter…I guess it has been in my blood ever since. 😀

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    I was training in amateur PLing for a few years, then they opened a Muay Thai place by my house, I signed up and that was it. I wanted to be a more well round athlete and not just someone who was strong but had no explosivness, endurance or conditioning. I think very highly if fighters which is why I switched.

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    Its not an exciting story, i decided to change a few things in my life, so January 2005 i stopped smoking. Pleased with myself i looked at my non existant fitness and weight gain and took up jujitsu in september 2005. The dojo i go trains mainly mma, so i went to a show n now i love mma 😀 . loving what i do now and intend to keep on doin it!!! 😀
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    some great stories. keep them coming!

    i was 8. my uncle wanted my cousin to start martial arts. i was always into sports and stuff so i was excited and wanted to. they had martial arts (karate) at the gym my family went to, so we gave it ago, and i have been doing martial arts ever since.
    when i was older i got more serious in my training, and through circumstances (another story/) i found my current trainer who has been so unreal….who is the one that introduced me to mma.

    Post subject: PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2007 11:54 am

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    Yeah cosmic,

    I want my son to start training at a young age too. He is 1.5 years old now, but I think in a few years it will be good to introduce him to martial arts or boxing. Not competetive, but just to stay active and focused.

    Post subject: Suggestion…PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2007 9:31 am
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    If I was you, I would look into a kids karate program for your child. Here in the NYC area, Tiger Schulmann has done an excellent job with a childrens program. It really keeps the kids entertained with games, helps with coordination, exercise and really does a nice job in teaching them a martial art.

    There are others around also like S.Y. Kims program. Even summer camps around this area.

    The kids begin as early as 4. Im not sure if they should begin earlier than that. Im of the belief that the childs body must develop somewhat before organized exercise of some kind begins.

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    Brian, I agree

    He has a few more years before he is ready for any kind of training.

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