idea for (sort of) new sport/event

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    Post subject: idea for (sort of) new sport/event PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 2:08 pm

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    I had this idea come to me which is probably dumb but might be worth a try

    It is probably not really new but here goes

    It is called “conquest” or maybe ” conquistador” which sounds cooler.

    Lay out proper grappling mats end to end so as to cover an 8 ft by 30 ft area.

    Two stools with a stick across at each end

    The contestants start 4 ft apart in the middle and the objective is to push/throw/drag your opponent back across thier ” home” line.

    No strikes , grappling/throws only.

    Once the two contestants end up down on the mat without moving either way for 30 seonds the ref drops a light hoop say 9 ft across over them.

    If neither fighter crosses the hoop in another 30 seconds time is called and the contestants start again standing four foot apart at the center of the stalemate spot

    An so on until one is driven back across thier home line

    So a cross between grappling and NFL .

    The advantage is that anybody can take part by adjusting the rules to what is mutually agreed.

    Also no offence to MMA but the fights either end very quickly or become stalemates in the guard so stop being a spectator attraction.

    Not to knock sports fans but they have 2 minute attention spans but want 30 – 60 minutes of action. This might do that

    Anyway any thoughts a part from I am stupid?


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