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    Post subject: IKF fighter request PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2006 5:09 am

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    We are still searching for amateur fighters for the June 10th show in
    Durham NC. If anyone has an amateur fighter willing to fight one of the following fighters or, simply wants to fight. Please feel free to contact me at 919-632-7242 or by e-mail at vanguardpro@nc.rr.com


    John Huskey 53lbs. Jr. MALE FULL CONTACT 0-1-0 AGE 7

    Lance Tweedy 47lbs. Jr. MALE INTERNATIONAL 2-1-0 AGE 8
    Jason Keller 47lbs. Jr. MALE INTERNATIONAL AGE 9
    Logan Howard 64lbs. Jr. Male Full Contact AGE 9
    Dalton Brewer 68lbs. Jr. Male Full Contact AGE 9
    Tyler Price 95lbs. Jr. Male FULL CONTACT AGE 13
    Jabari Rasheed 98lbs. Jr. Male INTERNAITONAL AGE 12
    Jamaal Rasheed 103lbs. Jr Male FULL CONTACT AGE 12
    Ariel Price 104lbs. Jr. Female FULL CONTACT AGE 15
    Katherine Boodthijak 115lbs. Jr. Female INTERNATIONAL AGE 13
    Joseph Murphy 131lbs. Jr. Male FULL CONTACT 1-0-0 AGE 15
    Nick Parker 165lbs. Jr Male INTERNATIONAL AGE 16
    Ann Spafford 130lbs Adult female INTERNATIONAL
    Katie Davis 144lbs Adul female FULL CONTACT


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