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    Post subject: JOSH BARNETT????? Post Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2007 6:43 am
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    one big question josh…

    news says staph infections on the rise…

    can you fill in the ladies on this infection….

    i am not a doctor/ but i think it has to do with
    not treating your cuts or wounds correctly
    and using others towels…and clothes
    when your cut is poorly treated…
    this microscopic bug is spreading——

    treat your cuts and wounds correctly
    keep your cuts bandaged up…till they fully heal—
    ******** fill us in mr josh barnett———thank you———

    Post subject: PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 5:49 am

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    basically its a bacteria that is naturally found on the skin, however in the wrong place it can cause infection.

    have a read here for a better explanation and more info:


    Post subject: Staph infection is aweful!PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 6:51 pm

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    Ill chime in here… Cause knowing about staph is sooo important.

    In February I went to the ER because my knee was swollen and I was in more pain than either of the two times I gave birth. There I found out I had staph infection. They believe it was able to get in to my body because I used to always shave right before I went to train. I had no noticable cuts on my knee or legs. This was also a lesson about the importance of clean mats. I spent a week in the hospital, 3 of those days I had a 104 temperature and the infection had spread from my knee to my entire leg. Alot of strains of staph have become resistant to many of the antibiotics. I ended up with surgery on my knee to remove some of the infected tissue and to put a tube in to drain it. They monitored me for a few days and then put a pic line in which went into a vein through my bicep and sent me home with an IV for a week… my husband had to give me my antibiotics 3 times a day which was a long awful process. I used a walker (at 26 years old) to get around and for a short time and then crutches. It took about 6 weeks until I could train again without pain and to much weekness. Now I just have the scars from the surgery and the HUMONGOUS hospital bill.

    Anyways, sorry for being long winded but alot of people dont realize how bad staph infection can be. I know I didnt until I experienced it. You can find alot of info on the intenet about it. I think its good to learn what you can about it. There is also a foam you can use before training that keeps it from getting through. Showering after training isnt enough, im a clean freak and always shower before and after. I think one of the most important things though, is making sure the gym you train at, especially if you grapple, have procedures in place for cleaning the mats EVERY day! I left one of the gyms I train at (the one I got got staph from) because they still don’t understand the importance. I also wear a long sleeved rash gaurd, and long “rashguard like” pants (I dont know what they are called).

    I hope this info is useful to someone.

    Okay I really am done know. 🙂

    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 4:51 pm
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    i majored in microbiology so um…basically to keep it simple: everyone has staph on them, there are many many factors that play into getting a staph infection. impetigo is a combination staph/strep infection. these bacteria are opportunistic…so yes, getting a scrape, or cut, or even minor sunburn can set you up for one. HOWEVER:

    Mats should be mopped with bleach and water EVERY NIGHT after class. i cant stress that enough. dirty ass gyms grow dirty ass critters.

    Post subject: PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 4:29 am

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    Thanks for sharing your stories. Here is my story:

    Compound fracture of my bones (thats where it comes out of your skin) 😯 , the staph on the skin (which is where it is natuarlly occuring) got onto my bones, and because its not meant to be in your bones, it caused a really bad infection in my bones. Took a while to fix!

    On another note, one of my gyms don’t seem to clean the mats, I’m going to have to tell them. 😡

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