K-1 Results SPOILER

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    Post subject: K-1 Results SPOILER PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2005 4:52 am
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    Fujimoto (entering to his soon-to-become very familiar Ace of Base entrance song) beats Scott Junk by KO – Scott was working him pretty good, then just caught one right on the button, instant KO

    Butterbean beat Royster by decision

    Carter Williams beats Nobu Hayaoshi

    Gary Goodrodge beats Cabbage – TKO I think was the final call. Cabbage took a mean kick to the leg and injusred his shin or something. He was obviously very hurt. He turns away from Goodridge and he goes straight for the leg again. Goodridge knocked him down and I think they stopped the fight.

    Carter and Goodridge fought and Goordrige KO’d him

    Butterbean was hurt and his alternate was hurt so Fuji fought this guy Marcus Royster, (who fought earlier that night and lost to the alternate who was hurt) Fuji won by brutal KO.

    So Fuji and Goodridge fight the final in the tournament. Best damn fight and display of heart I have EVER seen. Fujimoto would not stay down. They were both obviously very tired, and Fujiimoto just kept getting knocked down but he WOULD NOT stay down. He kept coming up for more, and finally his corner threw in the towel in the 3rd. Goodrisge wins, IMO Fujimoto is the real star here.

    Musashi beats Norstrand by decision I think, but Norstrand had an awesome showing.

    Akebono got worked by Hong Man Choi. He really didn’t have anything. Hong Man knocked him down a couple times and Akebono just didn’t get up one time. He is still definitely the peoples fighter here in Hawaii though…

    And now to the most wanted result…

    BJ “The new Gracie Killler” Penn BEATS Renzo. It was a great fight. I would have gave the first round to Renzo, he took BJ down and did his thing on the ground. Then round 2 BJ comes out throwing bombs. Renzo could not go toe to toe with BJ, and it seemed to me the BJ’s knowledge of the ground made him super effective with his standup. Renzo could not get in for the takedown, and BJ effectivly stopped it in this round, even when he was against the ropes. 3rd round had some more great standup from BJ and Bj got the takedown and controlled the ground from there to win the decision.

    Other exiting action: Opened with an awesome hula, then Samoan fire dancers, had Taiko drummers at halftime, only one fight in the crowd that I saw anyway..and Hong Man Choi called out Mike Tyson after his fight (who was in the front row). The only other thing I can say is that even though I sat almost 5 hours on my a** without moving, it was the best damn 20 buck I ever spent.

    Aloha and good night! – Molly


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