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    Post subject: Kelly Paul Post Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 9:54 am
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    **I hope this post isn’t taken wrong as it isn’t about Kelly as a person, but about the fairness to the other female competitors**

    While I have no personal knowledge of this, it was posted by a highly respectable woman in the grappling world, so I’m assuming its true……she posted that Kelly Paul was in the “final stages of the female-to-male, smile, gender transition, process.” Like her, I too would have to question how Kelly is allowed to compete in the woman’s division? Surely, this isn’t fair to the other women competing. Wouldn’t you think there is some rule to prevent something like this from happening?

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    Absolutely not. The only advantage some one going female to male would have is potentially from any hormones they MIGHT be taking. It would be the equivalent (I believe) of any other woman competing and taking test/steroids/hgh etc. So no I don’t think there should be any rule to stop some one in that position from competing, other than standard drug testing applicable to all the competitors.

    If it was a person going male to female and wanting to compete in the female category then you’d have a point 😆

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