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    Post subject: MMA stock Post Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 3:41 am
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    I’d heard that IFL has stock, and I was considering looking into purchasing some with the little hard earned money I have to spare. lol Does anybody know how it’s doing? I know that MMA is booming, but is IFC booming? That’s the question!

    Also, are there other MMA related stocks that are doing better that might be a good investment?

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    They don’t trade on the major exchanges NYSE or NASDAQ. The IFL is on the OTC Bulletin Board.

    Symbol IFLI International Fight League Inc. Since they went public in Nov. they went from $4 to $15 per share.


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    hi rox—i love stocks..i am stocks man

    my bro taught me the ropes in 2001—-

    the ticker is ifli—–
    it is about 15.00 a share——too high—
    after 60 minutes show it went from $2 to $16
    in 1 week
    and then they sold off to $6 a share
    and they bought it up to 15.00
    very impressive
    but i am still waiting to buy
    i would buy it at 3 or 4 dollars
    and hold long term or 50% to 100%
    i would play with 2,000 shares at this price
    trust me dana white and all the greedies
    are buying and selling off on this stock
    it will remain volatile for a while—-
    ****my bro says its a junk stock
    he never studied ticker wwe or siri or xmsr
    ……open an etrade account—and wait for a $4 price—

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