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    Post subject: Muay Thai PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 7:52 pm

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    I have some questions for all you knowledgable ladies out there.
    Ok, just so you all know, I’m TOTALLY new to MT. Just started checking places out two, three weeks ago. My background is actually in Kenpo, with some boxing thrown in for fun.
    So, please be patient and bear with me if some of these questions seem really stupid or have obvious answers for some of you! My background is a very rigid system, and I honestly don’t know how much of my feelings of flailing are from having to adapt to something different, how much of it is ignorance, how much of it is the system, and how much of it is from leaving an INCREADIBLE instructor who worked one on one with students on a frequent basis.
    I have noticed that the places I’ve checked out, seem very casual. No bowing on/off the mat, no bowing lessons in/out. Is this normal for MT?
    There are no belts, no ranking system that I’ve caught on to (yet?). Are there belts in MT? If not, then how are the students ranked?
    There doesn’t seem to be much instruction. Lots and lot of drills and cardio, but no set forms or kicks. (Seems more like boxing in that regard.) It could be that I’m just new, they know my background, and they’re waiting to see what I do/don’t know, I honestly don’t know. I’m just kind of feeling like I’m going through the motions, but not being taught anything?
    I’ve noticed that they seem to have a lot of student/student teaching, rather than student/instructor teaching, is that normal?
    I just wanted to get all of your imputs, as this is totally new to me, and I really don’t know what is considered normal, and what’s not! :-> The school I’ve been trying out for this month I like, as it seems small, the people friendly and open, and the instructor is quite highly praised from other kickboxing folks. I just keep feeling like this is so unformated? Please let me know your experiences, and what I should be looking for and expecting!

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