muay thaï and being a mother ?

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    Post subject: muay thaï and being a mother ? PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2005 2:53 am

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    i first wanna say hi to all of you on this forum. i’m new here and i’m veryglad i found this forum. i’ve been a fan of fights for about 10 years now (UFC and other fights) and especially muay thaï.
    i’m 23 and i’ve just reached my dream to practice this sport just for training and not competition. all people round me said i wasn’t able to do martial arts in general because i were a girl but i’ve proved anyone they were wrong. the only thing that i am scared of is taking knees from the guys in my belly sometimes. i love my sport but i must say that i am afraid of not being a mother someday because of those knees i take in my belly.
    so i ask all of you if you have similar experiences ? are you mother ? do you have this problem if you are not ?
    i love my sport and i don’t wanna give up but i also 😕 wanna be a mother soon.


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    Hello to you too 😀

    The thought of knees affecting my motherhood chances has never crossed my mind (i’m not a mother yet), though if i thought a guy was kneeing me so hard that it would affect my motherhood chances then he’d probably end up with an *accidental* low knee which might affect his fatherhood chances hehe… 😉

    When we’re just training (without body pads on) we never knee that hard, in fact when we practice clinching and knee drills, we only do slap knees (the ones to the side of your ribs) because it’s too easy to do a hard knee to the midsection and it’s not very nice to be on the receiving end!

    If you think the boys (or girls) are going to hard then just tell them to lighten up? I dont’ know any medical facts as to whether a hard hit would affect your motherhood chances, but imo i don’t think it would be able to do that much damage… (correct me if i’m wrong if anyone does know anything about this!). Plus they should be aiming at your solarplex rather than *that low* so if they’re continually misdirecting it then maybe point that out to them.

    Good luck anyway, and good on you for persuing your dream 😀



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    I don’t know for a fact, but I don’t think knees to the stomach will endanger your chances to become a mother. We have squishy organs that are protected by muscle and other tissue, so it should be okay. I think men are more in danger of getting hit in sensitive areas and having more damange done…


    miss kharitonov
    Post subject: PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2005 2:41 am

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    thanx girls for those advices and infos.i cross my fingers you’re right. keep fighting 8)


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    Ask your doctor just in case… lol… and if you think you’re pregnant, obviously don’t be sparring. 😉


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