my 1st mmafight, michelle tavares vs yasmin t. sewgobind

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    Post subject: my 1st mmafight, michelle tavares vs yasmin t. sewgobind Post Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 7:34 am

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    Showfight 5 report

    Ibirapuera Gymnasium, São Paulo
    Thursday, November 9th, 2006

    Thursdaynight 9th november i finally had my first MMA fight! My opponent Michelle Tavares classified as number 1 mmafighter in the weightclass till 55 kg in Brazil  A blackbelt BJJ of Nova Uniao who like to finish the fight quick with submission with the label tough! I was warned..however for me a great challenge to take and i was willing to give the best i could!

    Tuesdaymorning i went together with my crew Artur Mariano, Raffael Primo and Dino Pezao to Sao Paulo. We arrived around lunchtime in a nice hotel were all the fighters, staff and referrees stayed and received a enveloppe with the schedule for the coming days. Tuesday just relaxing, wednesday pressconference and the weigh in and Thursdaynight going to the event. My opponent weigh in with 52,8 kg and I with 52,2 kg. After had time to loading my body with nutrients and relaxing. The next day i was very happy to see the rest of my team in Sao Paulo. Together we went to Ginasio do Ibirapuera and got a room together with team Pele. After checking the ring and the introduction of the fighters it was just a matter of waiting. However, the planning had some delay, but somehow i found peace while waiting.

    After the jiu jitsu, submission, boxing and the muay thai fight it was time for the female mma fight, my time! ( 01.00 am!) 3 rounds 5 minutes, Pride rules. I was ready, hearing my intro, walking to the ring, a huge amount of people, facing the opponent, going to test myself. This is it big as it gets, this is the ultimate goal, the final touch of all the hard training and spending hours on the mats. The cherry on the cake. Time to show fight!

    Everything was going very fast . I had 3 guys in my corner, my coach Artur Mariano, my groundtrainer Rafael Primo, black belt BJJ of De La Riva and my daily sparringspartner Rodrigo Saavedra. For so far i can describe:The fight started with some punches, she getting the underhooks, going to ground, she in my half guard, guard, she punched, i controled the arms, stand up again. Second round she tried to go for near naked choke, i escape and replace to halfguard. In the rest time suddenly the lights goes out, no, not my light, but the light of the Ginasio! i think it was about 10 minutes! My teammate tells that the opponent is very tired. Well, i guess it is God´s will to interupt the fight and both fully recovered start with the third round. Punches, takedown, halfguard, the final 30 seconds she passed and mount, but i immediately I bridge and am in her guard and then the bell rings. She win by unanimous decision and thanked me. I can confirm it was a great experience! Everyone loved the fight. Ofcourse i came to win, but i´m satisfied with my first fight. I couldn´t take the fight that long stand up, but i didn´t get trapped in her dangerous groundgame. My spirit and skills got tested and I learned a lot. It was amazing to fight vale tudo in such a big show in Sao Paulo! More news about the show at and . Asap pictures and the fight!.

    The event had a super ambiance with a lot of great fights and the service was excellent. I am very grateful to my sensei Artur Mariano and my team Championsfactory. They trained and coached me wonderfull: technical,physical and mental and it gave me great power to have them with me.

    To Championsfactory, Showfight and Michele Tavares: Thanks for having me! Obrigada


    Show Fight 5
    Ibirapuera Gymnasium, São Paulo
    Thursday, November 9th, 2006

    – Gabriel Napão defeated Gabriel Vella by 12 x 0;

    – André Galvão submitted Paulo Horito by foot-lock in 1R;

    – Pedro Otas KO’d Rafael Zumbano in 6R;

    Muay Thai
    – Fernando Maestro defeated Luis Sorriso by unanimous decision;

    – Michelle Tavares defeated Yasmin Tahira by unanimous decision;
    – Thiago Silva KO’d Dino Pezão in 1R;
    – Assuério Silva KO’d Eduardo Maiorino in 1R;
    – Fernando Margarida defeated Jorge Macaco by unanimous decision;
    – Roan Jucão submitted Yoshitomo Watanabe by Kata-gatame in 1R;
    – Eduardo Pamplona defeated José Pelé by unanimous decision.

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    You must have well fought her very well for it to have gone to a decision!


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    Good to know, thanks and good luck

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    here some pics

    more on:


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 9:36 am
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    Thanks for sharing the news and Congrats on the fight!!!

    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 6:21 am

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    Congrats Yas, didn’t know you were planning MMA matches yet.
    Keep up the good news, hope to see you against Erica Montoya in the near future!
    Are you back in Holland now?

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    thnx again! nxt monday i´ll go back to holland after having a great time in brasil

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