new all womens grappling/MMA organisation – run by a woman.

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    Post subject: new all womens grappling/MMA organisation – run by a woman. PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2006 11:50 pm

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    New Zealand is a long way away from the US and Europe but it is the home of a new all womens grappling/MMA organisation which can be found here

    It is run by a member of this forum who( I think should be proud of what she has acheived already in building up women’s grappling in NZ.

    Although primetime itself is new it has held two events already and it is grew out of an organisaton called sportfighters which may well be the largest womens grappling club in the world. If that sounds a large claim they have had up to 50 members , all female, in that club.

    As you will see the Primetime rulses are basically aggresive grappling. I have seen brief video clips and it is good . The tag team matches provide the sort of constant action which is audience pleasing without any “WWE” type silliness whatsoever to spoil the skill.

    In case you don’t know New Zealanders may be the most sports crazy nation on earth in terms of actual participation so lets hope primetime does well.

    One of their great hopes is to either get US women fighters to visit them .

    As it explains on the website they have already had TV coverage and are hoping for more in 2006.

    So Iwould like to wish them really great sucess in 2006 from this forum


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    Awesome! I hope they have success with this venture.


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    Dope. Though I wish the women’s promos would just do full rules


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    its looks very interesting indeed but i had a hard time working out the rules

    basically there are no strikes standing, but they allow strikes ont he floor (not to the head)

    I didn’t get this rule though

    [quote]12. No single lock or hold is to be kept on for more than 20 seconds. At the 20 second point the lock/hold will be broken and the fight will be restarted.[/quote]

    whats that about?


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    This is great, I wish you the best of luck



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