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    Post subject: News from World REMIX and more Post Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 5:46 pm
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    Smackgirl added two fighters to the Lightweight division of the World Remix tournament that will begin on Feb. 14 at Korakuen Hall. The first fighter is grappling specialist Kyoko Takabayashi. Her record is 8-2 and her most recent fight was a loss to Megumi Fujii on the Nov. 8 Shooto show. Her background is amateur wrestling at Chukyo University and she also has competed in Smackgirl grappling tournaments. The other fighter is karate expert Saori Ishioka. Her record is 4-2. She is on a three fight winning streak and most recently defeated Thricia Poovey on the Dec. 26 Smackgirl show. Smackgirl also announced that there will be several Discovery Fights on the show.

    There was a womens bout on the Jan. 19 UKF show at Shinjuku FACE. It was for the UKF Inter Continental Title between Tomoegumi veteran Yukiko Seki and pro wrestler Mai Ichii. Ichii works for the Kaoru Ito Professional Wrestling Classroom and has dabbled occasionally in MMA. Ichii dominated after taking Seki down on the mat. They got up and Ichii nailed her with a right hook. The ref stopped the match at 3:12 of round two. So Ichii is the new champ and her record is 1-1. Seki is now 4-14.

    Pancrase has funally announced the womens match for the Jan. 30 Korakuen Hall show. It marks the return to MMA of veteran kickboxer WINDY Tomomi since her ankle was broken during a Bodog Fight match against Rosi smile last February in Costa Rica. Tomomi’s record is 9-8 and like her pal Hisae Watanabe, she has great punching power but can get into trouble on the mat. Her opponent is former pro wrestler Emi Tomimatsu. She worked for JD Star a few years ago and took up MMA in 2006. Her record is 2-3 and her most recent match was a loss to V1 on the Sept. 6 Smackgirl show. It’s good to see Tomomi back in action.
    I have posted a pic of Mai Ichii with her title belt on my blog.

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    cant u just post above to old ReMix thread?

    that is published on the blog of the SmacGirl founder.

    i dont know why GBR doesnt put it on the headlines, sponavi doent follow SmackGirl these days…

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    Sportsnavi has now posted an article.

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