Noob Questions…Sorry Ladies

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    Post subject: Noob Questions…Sorry Ladies Post Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 7:21 am

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    I did a search so sorry if this is a repeat. I had a couple of questions about y’alls training and nutrition regimens. I’ve read a bunch of stuff about what guys do, but I’m having a signifcantly harder time seeing how the girls do it. I hear the guys talk about their shakes and their pre workout meals and post workout etc. ect. Do the girls really do all that too? Or do you just eat clean?

    My story is this: I’m way overweight (5’3″, 215), I’m not looking to be a fighter per say, but I do jujitsu and striking class three times a week but I do conditioning and kettlebells on the other three days and rest one day. I figure if I want to get down to where I look like a fighter, I’ll train and eat like a fighter even if I don’t actually fight competitvely. Thanks for any and all input.

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    The girls who train hard, eat hard 😉

    Basically, there is no reason why girls who train hard and want to fight should eat any differently than the way guys do.

    I eat 5-6 times a day, make sure to eat at the right time before training, and make sure to have a shake with me for after training. And I do this more “religiously” than half the guys I train with.

    Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you want to be a competitor or not – people do it because it’s what’s best for their body, gives the body the best conditions for working out!

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    Sounds like your doing a fair bit of training….good on you.

    I find a lot of people make the mistake when they are trying to lose weight of not eating enough (yep you heard me).

    What happens is the body is doing a lot more exercise and not getting enough food to fuel it, and it goes into like a ‘survival’ mode, where it says ‘hey, I need to keep the fat because I’m not getting enough food/energy/etc’

    so people trying to lose weight find they are not getting the results they expect for the amount of effort/work/exercise they are doing….and then eventually give up.

    I’m not saying thats what you are doing, I’m just saying thats all.

    Queen pearl is spot on. Girls that train hard, eat hard! My rules when I had comps etc was ‘eat, sleep, and train hard’.

    Eating regularly throughout the day is important, 6 meals as opposed to 2-3 large meals. to keep your metabolism running at its best throughout the day.

    and yes, I also have protein shakes (after a workout-usually weights, but also a training session sometimes, taking it before makes me sick)……….they say supplements like protein shakes are not necessary if you have a balanced diet are are getting enough through your meals…but I find I don’t have the time/or organise skills to have my daily required protein….plus I’m trying to put on weight (well was trying until I became very lazy and undisciplined again).
    I find if I don’t eat every 2-3 hours, I get edgy, and feel off……in this situation its easy sometimes to go into a shop and get a protein shake until I get home and can have something more substantial to eat.

    I’m off to training! and I haven’t eaten anything (Saturday morning I only just got up), but I will have some fruit or banana (something light) and then a protein shake straight after training and then a meal (breakfast).

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    Thanks for all the advise. I thought of another question…does anybody do shakes after class? I know I must be expending some energy because I’m usually starving after a two hour class. I hate to eat after class because it’s usually like 9 before I get home and I don’t like to eat that late, but a shake maybe? Thanks again!

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    The diet should be similar to that of men, but slightly different. Because of common problems with anemia and iron absorption, it is important for a female athlete to eat lean red meat more so than her male counterparts. Menstuation causes female athletes to have a much higher iron requirement and the female body best utilizes iron from a red meat source. It made a big difference with me anyway. Its pretty easy to find 94 -96% lean beef now, and though it is expensive, it is tasty and very low in fat.

    Also, heavy squats has been proven to naturally increase testosterone levels in female athletes significantly. Just a fun tidbit:-) and something to keep in mind.

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    I’m not a fighter, but I’ve been training for a long time and through trial and error have found what works for me. Problem is, it’s constantly changing. The biggest changes I had to make came after having my baby.

    So I’ve had to learn how to listen to my body. I don’t use heart rate monitors or body buggs; I just pay close attention to how I’m breathing and feeling so I can push to the limit, but not get injured.

    I do standup training two to three times a week (whenever I can get someone to watch the toddler) and the rest of the time I train at the gym. I make sure to get my weight training in, even though I hate it, because it ups my metabolism and makes everything else so much easier. I switch between basic cardio and interval training. Check out crossfit too – best workouts EVER.

    I don’t take supplements yet. I keep very hydrated, and I make sure to get a balance of protein and high-fiber carbohydrates. I have five to ten pounds to lose now, so I’m making little cuts here and there, but I make sure I’m feeding my body in proportion to the training I’m doing.

    You are AWESOME. Keep it up, let me know how it goes!

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