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    Post subject: Off topic Global Warming PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 6:52 pm
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    I know that this is a fighters forum but I did get to see this program on Showtime. I thought I would post it and get other peoples thought from all around the world.

    Hope you will check it out..



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    i file it under urban legend

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    There are many theories and predictions tossed around about whether humans are the actually the cause for global warming. I once wrote a paper on global warming and at first I was sure that humans were the cause. Especially, since scientists show some very convincing data that link human expansion to global warming.

    However, as I researched a bit more and asked more questions on the matter. I discovered that there are even more weather researchers and scientists that do not feel mankind is the direct cause for global warming. Many of them state that the earth goes through constant cycles of changes in climate and this is another form of this change.

    So I dont feel mankind will ever get a chance to destroy the earth. Most of this belief is attributed to my spiritual beliefs as well, but that is another topic.

    However, I do recycle. 😛

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