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    Post subject: pins and submissionsPostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2004 2:02 pm

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    As the big moment of womens freestyle debuting in the olympics is almost here I started wondering what would happen if you combined freestyle and submission disciplines.

    In freestyle shoulders on mat is a fall so you offer your back to your opponent as the safety position, try that in submission grappling at your peril.

    Conversely submission grapplers can try a safety position of the guard while on their back, not good in freestyle!

    so if a match was freestyle pins AND grappling submissions how does it play out.

    I would guess be like a judoka and try to stay on your feet until a clear throw opportunity comes along, or use your legs on the ground to keep the shoulders able to lift up.

    I guess Shannon Logan would actually know having tried both disciplines

    One person told me when she did freestyle practice in the morning and submision wrestling in the same afternoon it was hard to remember what to do !!

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