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    Post subject: Question About Motivation PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2006 2:57 pm

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    I’m writing some (probably bad) fiction about martial arts training (specifically about Muay Thai), and I want to give my female characters more depth. My main character is a young woman training in Thailand. You all could help me out by answering:

    What motivated you to start training?
    What motivates you to continue training?
    Why did you choose your particular style?



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    a.) i was always interested in learning some fighting sytle but didn’t start training until going through my divorce. the night i started, i fell in love with it.
    b.) the opportunity to compete. the awesome work out. being a role model for my duaghter and other girls.
    c.) i chose bjj to start with b/c that is where i was invited; i thought i was going to learn to wrestle. one thing led to another. i choose to continue with BJJ/MMA because it is the best physical workout, the best self-defense and provides the most opportunity to compete (not that I have since april but…).


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    Good luck on your story. Be sure to let us know where we can get it when your finished.

    A – I started training because I was bored with life, unhappy with the direction things were going. A TV show piqued my interest, so I found a good gym a started training a couple days later.

    B – I continue to train because of the limitless potential of learning. I have ADD so I need something that is continuously changing. 🙂 I enjoy trying out different things and making new friends in the fight community. My training partners are like family, they keep me real and help me stay focused. I really love working with other people and helping teach new fighters, I like sharing the knowledge. i guess one of the biggest things is that training is like therapy and helps me stay stress free and healthy.

    C – I started JKD because it was referred to me from my cousin who is a great wrestler and has fought MMA. The instructor was extremely reputable according to him. Once I started training I realized the value of being versatile, and my cousin was right the instructors and students were amazing. JKD clicked for me right away and I have loved it ever since.


    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 7:02 pm

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    What motivated you to start training?

    a need to find an outlet for my aggression

    What motivates you to continue training?

    it gives me purpose, centers me, keeps me healthy and i’m good at it. kicking people in the head is alot more fun than it sounds,too, hee hee

    Why did you choose your particular style?

    muay thai is the ultimate art, in my opinion. its close to a religon when you get into it.

    i’m going to thailand in feb to train for a month. i can’t wait.


    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 7:46 pm

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    a) I was just looking to have fun. Self defense was a second thought.

    b) I like the way it makes me feel mentally and the way it’s changed my body. I also really want to fight again.

    c) MMA is all inclusive. Why be able to protect myself on the ground but not standing or take care of myself standing but not on the ground? Why not be able to take someone down or stop them from taking me down?


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    1- Honestly, it all started when an ex-boyfriend back in the 1990’s said girls cant do Bjj. I starting trianing, and even harder when a girl named Molly Hessel Kicked my butt. 😀 Then the ex-boyfriend/current friend says “okay, maybe a few..and i mean few.. girls can do Bjj, but dude, you will never see them in MMA.” Dumped the Ex-boyfriend (who is coming to wacth me fight in march) and started training in MMA.
    2- relized the absolute beauty in the beast. Also, you meet some really great poeple in the sport.
    3- i am open to any style really, but i started in Bjj, then found a fascination with the sweet science, (boxing). Training in Mma is a constant growing circle, there is always more to learn, and fresher perspectives.


    Post subject: PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 2:45 am

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    Thanks a lot for your responses! Finishing this project is my first challenge, getting it published will be the next one!

    jjsmommi2, you’re going to love training in Thailand. I spent two months at Lanna in Chiangmai last summer, and it was fantastic.


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