Remy Bonjasky Attacked

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    Post subject: Remy Bonjasky Attacked Post Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 5:10 pm

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    Last week there were 2 brittish men (23 and 24 years old) arrested in Amsterdam for Blowing Darts in passing people. This were sharp 7cm iron darts.
    It was a small article in the dutch newspapers.
    A 39 year old man was wounded and had to be helped in the hospital

    Yesterday was announced that the 2 brittish men were arrested after they blew a dart in the leg of a 29year old man while they passed him with a white van with english plates. The man did not hessitate and and chased them down with the help of a Taxi. And the men can thank god on there bare naked knees that they still have there teeth. because the man who chased them down to there home was none other then Remy Bonjasky. But instead of using the 2 men as living punching bags to train his imfamous flying knee, he called the police who invaded there house and arrested them.
    The cops also found more weapons, 15000 euros in cash. 22 pounds of weed and a case of pepperspray cans.

    The police was very thankfull and awarded Remy with a medal. (wich will be very cool next to his 2 Gp belts. )
    And also payed the costs he made for his Taxi.


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