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    Post subject: [Results] X-Plosion 16 -22/6/07 AUS- Tenille May Vs Tamachan Post Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 12:32 am

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    Xplosion 16 – Recently just on at the Gold Coast in Australia.

    Muay thai and MMA bouts.

    One womens MMA fight:

    Tamachan (Japan) vs. Tenille May (Australia)

    RESULT: Tamachan via Armbar (in the 3rd round)

    Thanks to

    Weigh in photos:

    Fight photos: Image
    check out the rest of the photos at:

    found this report of the fight on this w
    The 3rd fight
    Fighters: Tenille May vs Tamachan
    Rule:X rule

    — Round 1 ———————–
    Tamachan starts with a flip kick that doesn’t just misses Tenille.
    Tenille responses with low but Tamachan’s punches forces her into a corner.
    Both fighters go back to the middle of the ring and then, Tamachan attempts another flip kick making the audience excited.
    Tenille creats punches but doesn’t catch Tamachan and again she is forced into a corner.

    — Round 2 ———————–
    Tenille’s low hits Tamachan. Tamachan attackes Tenille with punches but Tenille’s elbow hits Tamachan’s mouth cutting Tamachan’s mouth.
    The judge stops the fight and Tamachan recovers. The, fight starts again.
    Fight starts again
    Tamachan’s right hits Tenille.
    Tamachan attempts another throw but the ropes keep Tenille from landing on the canvas. Tenille gives a knee kick as Tamachan tries a takedown. Tamachan ends up on the ground and Tenille does a jumping knee and refree warns her.
    Both fighters try a takedown but nothing happens and 2nd round finishes.

    — Round 3 ———————–
    Tamachan attacks Tenille with punches forcing her into the ropes. Both fighters give each other knees but Tamachan gets Tenille’s neck pushing her onto the canvas.
    Tamachan ends up in side control and progresses to an arm bar. Arm bar looks tight and Tenille struggling to get out off it and finally submits when her arm looks to hyper-extend.
    3 Round 1minute and 16 seconds Arm bar
    Winner: Tamachan

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    Interestingly enough, someone from Temille’s camp contacted me for the lowdown on Tama-Chan… looks like it didn’t help.

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