RIng worm?

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    I have been practicing boxing, and jujitsu for about 6-7 months,with my teen age son and 11 yr old daughter. About three weeks ago my son and I came down with ring worm of the scalp. Yah gross. We are getting treated for it,(and are out until we are “cured”) but not sure how to prevent this from occurring, as really do not want my daughter getting it, or going back to the gym and having it reoccur to me or my son. I know the doc said they should be cleaning, not just wiping mats down between classes, but that is not in my control. Any advice?


    Chad Moechnig

    Great post! Rolling and grappling with someone that has ringworm is the worst! Sometimes they know they have it and keep training with others to spread it. I know there are a few great products like mat guard and also super body care! They make wipes and spays you can use right after class and before you go home to shower. Also maybe hand sanitizer might work great right after also. Apply to all the exposed areas to kill that fungus. Treatment is see a DR or use anti fungal creams. Mats should be cleaned after each class with a good cleaner I know some gyms use simple green but again this should be done right after each class and some gyms run 8+ classes a day!

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