styles vs. religions

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    Post subject: styles vs. religions PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2005 9:08 am

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    Ok lets get everyones brains working. I have been thinking about all the various styles of Martial Arts and how easily people get so wrapped up in their “style” that they start to believe that their style is the only effective one. While I am sitting at my desk pondering these thoughts, I cant help but make the same comparision to religion.

    Like Martial Arts, Religion is suppose to provide some kind of guidance as to how one should treat others, live their lives, and perhaps provide some enlightment to the many unanswered questions we all have. All religions start with a God, or a spiritual being greater than us, yet as the details of these religions unfold, I find that it creates a division among groups that are all basiclly striving for the same thing……. purpose and perhaps enlightment in their lives.

    An “artist” doesnt merely use water colors, or oils, or chalk. They may not use paper as their medium, but perhaps clay or steel. If art is more than merely drawing on paper, then why do “religious ” people only prescribe to one theory or religious viewpoint. Doesnt the same then pertain to the Martial Arts.

    Each of us got our start in the arts for diffrent reasons. Some for fitness, some for self defense, others may of just be drawn to the arts. Speaking for myself my start was Thai boxing as a teen, then Juijitsu in the military, and now Shorin ryu. Though I respect my Sensei, and practice each technique he teaches, I find that because of my height, weight, leg length etc, some techniques feel forced while others feel very natural.

    As we grow in our own art, we must decide what things work for us, which things dont, and by this we are learning more about ourselves as artists, not merely practioners. If you cannot see the forest for the trees, then you will cut your nose off despite your face.

    Ok lets hear some of your opinions. 8) 8) 8)


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    a saying i have heard goes something like this:

    “There are many paths to the top of the mountain. They all lead to the same place, but if you keep hopping from path to path, you will never reach the top”

    i have heard this in both a spiritual sense & martial arts sense.

    as for the ‘art’ in martial arts — i think that in many places, the ‘art’ is often removed from the practice. art implies creativity — a school or style can give you a framework, but eventually, it should give you the freedom to be creative with your style — like you said, as you grow, you should become an ‘artist’ and not just a ‘practiitioner’.

    one more thought — my Sifu, who I have been studying with for only 3 years now, teaches a way of life through the martial arts. it is a way to work towards freedom and creativity and enlightenment in all aspects of life, not just punching and kicking. does that make sense? in the end, it is all the same (Taoist philosophy — not religion)

    i realize these thoughts are kind of raw and not reasoned out well, but hey, it’s early!



    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 7:17 am

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    Just because the Butterfly moves in an irregular pattern in flight, that does not mean that it doesn’t know where its going………..


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