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    Post subject: tara larosa bodog champion Post Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2007 8:48 pm
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    From 411 mania.com
    Kelly Kobold VS. Tara Larosa
    Women’s Title Fight

    Kelly Kobold is a last minute replacement due to Laura D’Auguste suffering from an injury. Kobold walks in with team punishment and puts her flame hat on her cornerman’s head. The crowd cheers Larosa something fierce. Hometown advantage indeed. Larosa is all smiles walking to the ring. There’s actually a lot of shrieking women in this crowd too…or is that the men?

    Round 1

    Kobold comes in firece but Tara lands a quick combo. They both take hits to the face and clinch. Kobold pushes Larosa to the corner, throws knees to the thighs. They wrestle around in the clinch, Kobold the aggressor but a good knee by Larosa hits the side. They slide on the ropes now, more knees by Kobold. Kobold gets the single and punches it out but Larosa grabs a leg. They are struggling with the legs, then standing, Larosa pushes forward and lands on top in Kobold’s guard. Kobold working to put the legs high as Tara postures. Larosa reigns down serious ground and pound. Kobold ties Larosa up, ref stands it. Nice combo by Kobold hits and Larosa shoots in, good knee by Larosa and Kobold pushes against the ring. Larosa gets the trip takedown, her corner calls for her to posture but Kobold ties her up. Heel strikes by Kobold and they tie up as the bell sounds.

    Round 2

    Kobold advances, front kick by Larosa misses. Kobold going for the take down against the ropes now, Larosa reverses then Kobold reverses and lands on top. Nice! Kobold in Tara’s guard, Tara brings the legs high and it looks like she has the arm secured. Kelly trying to roll through. She’s blocking the arm and gets out into Tara’s guard. She creates distance and lays in serious blows. Tara wraps her up, brings the legs up again. She looks like she has the arm but Kelly gets out and stands, laying in left shots everywhere. Kobold gets a hold of Larosa’s neck but Tara reverses and finds full mount. Kobold tries to buck her off, Larosa is relentless and the crowd is going CRAZY. Kobold rolling like mad to get out of the way, gives up her back and Larosa has the hooks in looking for a choke. Back to mount and Larosa reigns down more blows. Kobold still rolling, Tara wraps her legs around Kelly but its high. They roll through and Larosa has a SERIOUS armbar that breaks up as the bell sounds. The crowd is cheering louder than ever before. What a finish, but its only round 2!

    Round 3

    Kobold weaving now, Larosa looks winded. Straights by Kobold, Larosa trying to counter punch. Kobold lands a massive combo in the corner but Larosa clinches and gets her down near the corner. Heel strikes by Kobold again as they are tied up tight. Larosa looking to roll again, she has Kobold’s back. Kobold reverses into guard. Larosa gets the leg up, goes for the arm but pushes Kelly down and gets mount. Kelly ties her up, rolls and gets a major postured position landing huge blows. Tara gets the legs high again and brings Kobold down into the arm bar. Kelly is up and standing but Larosa clinches and brings her down again. They tie up and the crowd is chanting for Eddie Alvarez…ok? Now they chant for Tara. Ref stands it up. Straight and hooks by Kobold find their mark, into a thai clinch but Kobold pushes her away and lands more. Guillotine attempt by Kobold, she throws a knee just as Tara goes onto her knees and the ref calls it a four point attack. It was accidental and looks like just a warning. They touch and Kelly comes in with another combo, Tara clinches and gets her down. Kobold really has Larosa tied up though. Larosa tries to stay busy, the round ends.

    Round 4

    Kelly pushes forward, hooks hit and she shoots in against the corner. Tara pulls guard against the ropes, ref spins them away. Kelly postured but her arms are tied. Larosa bringing those legs up but Kobold postures up. They hit a stalemate in the corner and the ref stands it. Wild swings by Kobold now, clinch and a knee by Larosa. More swings by Kelly find their mark, they clinch and Kobold brings Larosa down. Kobold keeps posturing but can’t free her arms. They are practically out of the ropes, Larosa rolls Kobold over while securing an arm. Kobold taps. Tara Larosa defeats Kelly Kobold via arm bar submission in round 4.

    I’ve never watched women’s MMA before but that was something else. The crowd is chanting Eddie and Tara again. Oh wait, I guess Alvarez is standing right there. Suddenly it all makes sense. Really great fight, certainly enough to make me a fan. They fork over the belt to Larosa and she looks super emotional. Tara says she feels awesome, thanks everyone it took to get her here and gives credit to Kobold for a hard fought fight.

    Post subject: PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2007 9:05 pm

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    Wow! Sounds like an amazing back and forth fight! Big congrats to Tara and thanks to Kelly for stepping up on such short notice.
    Hope I can find this somewhere to watch!

    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 12:13 am
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    congrats Tara 😀

    can’t wait to see it, sounds like an amazing fight

    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 5:58 am

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    I was there and that was one hell of a fight!…congradulations again Tara!

    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 7:25 am
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    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 2:46 am

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    Ow I just voted that Kelly would win, before reading this topic….LOL

    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:45 am

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    Well I haven’t seen the fight yet but judging by the reviews I’ve read this was indeed a barnburner. I can’t wait to see it. first congrats to Larosa, she came to dance and stood her ground and battled it out in the trenches fist to face. Props to both women for such a good and entertaining fight, they both came in shape and ready to rumble. I think a rematch would be a headliner on any card. I hope they air this fight on Bodog soon.

    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 7:46 am
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    Congrats to both Kelly and Tara for what sounds like a super entertaining fight and a special “attagirl” to Tara for winning the title. With this performance, it sounds as if Kelly has now added her name to the mix in the 135 lb division that Bodog features. Now Bodog needs to set-up a mini tournament between Kelly, Amanda, Roxi and Shayna to see who is the # 1 contender for Tara’s belt. Oh, and I guess we can’t forget about Laura, I’m sure she’ll be wanting her shot again once she is healthy. And if she is still competing, I’d love to see Debi in this mix as well. Wow, talk about some awesome matchups…..this is a matchmakers dream! 😀

    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 9:53 am
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    I saw it all go down, and it was so super inspiring….

    kelly and tara showed so much respect for each other which is something you rarely see in any sport…they also beat the hell out of each other!!!

    way to go girls… may we all (men and women) follow in your footsteps; not only as athletes who have become superior, but in human beings that have acted honorably.

    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 6:11 pm
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    Great to see you on here. What ever happened to you ??? Call me ifyou still want to work with us, you were the best


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