Teaching Females- please help

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    Post subject: Teaching Females- please help PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 11:48 pm

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    So I’ve only been teaching a short time now, so am still getting used to it. We have a new student in class, a very small female Muay Thai figher. She’s mayb 5’3″ and 100lbs with her gloves on. Our class is mainly submission wrestling with some full-contact fighting for those who want it. Mostly she wants to do striking, but is interested in wrestling and ground work. So, my question is, what techinques and training tips should I focus on? I am tall and skinny, so I know mostly techniques for my body type. The other students are mixed body types of tall and built, or short and stocky. We all have our preferences, but please help me out with some things I should focus on when teaching a much smaller student. She is used to the male environment, so that’s not a problem. Nobody hits on her so that’s not an issue either. So please, as female fighters, some info on what works best for you, what situations you prefer the fight to be in, and anything else you think may be useful, I’d really appreciate. As would she I’m sure.

    thank you all very much for any information.


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    Just treat her like any other student. She’ll have to figure out what works for her on her own just like the men with different body types do. If you show something that doesn’t work for her, she’ll either find a way to “customize” it or scrap it.


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    I have always trained with bigger stronger guys. I guess it goes with the sport. It will only make her better.

    however pair her up with guys that have some control. So she can learn and get better. not newbies who will try to use all strength and end up injuring her.




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